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Hang out around campus with these 5 hammocking spots

One of the favorite pastimes of college students is hanging around in hammocks with a good book or homework. Warm weather is quickly fleeing, so grab your hammock, your favorite book and find a couple trees in these unique places to hammock on campus:

Near the Aquatic Center

If you can get past the smell of chlorine and noise from the Aquatic Center, there are several trees to strap up to and hang out. The grove of trees is near the quietness of Emeriti Park but also near your next class at Walter Hall or Grover Center. It’s also near Peden Stadium, so you might be able to catch some live music during the Marching 110’s rehearsal or the football team practice. 

Near Morton Hall

Right outside Morton Hall on East Green, there is a grove of trees perfect for an afternoon nap. Because there are so many trees in the grove, you can gather up some friends and turn hammocking into a social activity. On the other side of the parking lot, there’s a line of trees along the road that makes for a perfect spot for alone time in your hammock.

Behind Nelson Commons

All right, this one’s probably the most unique one yet. Along the wall that separates the loading docks for Nelson Dining Hall and the entrance to the parking garage, there are two perfectly spaced trees for hammocking. However, the spot comes with the noises of traffic entering and exiting the parking garage, the hum of the air conditioning unit and the smells of a dining hall — so, hammockers be warned. 

Across from Alden Library

You probably grew up hearing how dangerous playing in the street was, but no one ever said not to hammock there. In the grassy median that divides Park Place, there are several perfectly spaced trees that make for a great hammocking spot. Instead of doing all your homework inside the library, strap your hammock up to one of these trees outside the library. If relaxing in the middle of a busy road isn’t your thing, there are several trees perfect for hammocking between Alden and Ellis Hall.

The Ridges

If you want to get away from campus, take a stroll over to The Ridges to hang out with friends and the ghosts that roam the area. There are plenty of trees to strap up to and you have one of the most historic and beautiful surroundings on campus. Up near the Observatory, there is a walking trail where you’re bound to find a couple hammocking spots deep in the woods if you really want to get away. 


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