People are always looking to discover the next artist before they blow up, and we all love telling our friends that “We knew them before they were famous.” Well, here’s your chance. These are 10 underrated hip-hop artists that are definitely worth checking out:

Denzel Curry 

Denzel Curry is probably the most well-known rapper on this list but also one of the most underrated for an artist at his level. You may have heard his hit song “Ultimate” from some of the millions of viral bottle flip challenge videos or many of his other songs that have taken off over the past couple of years. But his lesser-known music that provides catchy hooks, along with some of the most aggressive and unique verses, are must listens.

Isaiah Rashad 

A member of Top Dog Entertainment — one of the top rap collectives containing artists such as Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul — Isaiah Rashad definitely has the talent to be paired up with artists of that caliber. He’s never been one to hide his true self with the world and prides himself in doing so. He has touched on recent addictions, struggles as a youth and much more in his music. Rashad provides nothing less than raw hip-hop.


From lyrics and melodies that can make you feel joy to hardcore bangers that are must-haves for your workout playlist, Duckwrth’s raw talent has started to catch the ears of many avid hip-hop listeners. Be sure to give him a listen before you start to hear his music everywhere you go.

tobi lou

An ethereal songwriter and musician, it seems like tobi lou can do it all. His newest album, Live on Ice, is full of songs that are spacey and melodic and some that are more upbeat and fitting for a radio hit. Tobi lou’s versatility will keep him in your daily rotation for a while.


This rap duo containing Toronto natives Derek Wise and 88 Camino are probably more well-known within what is referred to as the mumble rap community. The duo’s ignorant, sometimes even comical lyrics may not be the most complex in hip-hop, but its melodic verses over generic trap beats are sure to reel you in.

Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend is an artist that can draw in listeners from the very first second of a song. His soothing, almost calming voice can keep you listening for hours. Whether it’s during a long car ride, a study session or a walk on the beach, Kota’s music can be your perfect companion.

A$AP Twelvyy

Arguably the most talented member in A$AP Mob, A$AP Twelvyy’s debut album, 12, is a lyrical, spiritual miracle. He provides classic bars along with his own unique style and delivery, making him one of the most exciting New York-based rappers right now.


With a couple albums and a recent EP under his belt, this Bay Area rapper has been consistent with his music. He provides soulful vibes mixed with wonderful wordplay and straight rapping ability. If you’re looking for a rapper that can do it all, he’s your guy.

Bizzy Crook

His raw talent and choice of words make listeners want to keep listening just to see what he has to say next. If you’re into more somber, almost dark music, Bizzy Crook is 100% worth checking out.

Kayo Genesis

You probably haven’t heard of Kayo Genesis, but he’s one artist you need to know, hands down. His blending of old school and modern-day hip-hop is a recurring theme throughout his short discography, and he shows more talent and progression with every release.


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