None of the 23 fire alarms that have gone off since January in campus buildings containing dining halls and markets were caused by an actual fire. 

Of those, 14 alarms were set off in Jefferson Hall, 5 were set off in Baker University Center, 2 were set off in Shively Hall and 2 were set off in Nelson Commons. No fire alarms have been set off in Boyd Hall this year. 

None of the alarms were caused by a fire or an other unsafe issue, university spokesperson Jim Sabin said. 

Both of the restaurants located in Baker, Latitude 39 and West 82, have set off the fire alarm once this year. 

The fire alarms set off in Nelson were caused by low air pressure in the sprinkler system in the dining area, Athens Fire Department Chief Robert Rymer said. 

The fire alarm in Jefferson Hall has been a nuisance all semester, Madison Jones, a senior majoring in psychology and a resident of the hall, said.

“At the beginning of the semester there was one [alarm] every other week,” Jones said. “One day we had two fire alarms in the same day.” 

None of the 14 alarms this calendar year were caused by the market located in the building.

Since 2017, a total of 86 alarms have gone off in Baker, Nelson, Shively and Boyd, Rymer said. 44 alarms were set off in Baker, including 6 from the restaurants. 24 were set off in Shively, 14 were set off in Nelson and 4 were set off in Boyd.