Trippie Redd is back with his second album of 2019, which is his fourth project in his A Love Letter To You series, A Love Letter To You 4 (ALLTY4). 

The Canton native released his first commercial project, A Love Letter To You, back in 2017. Since then, he has grown to be one of the most popular hip-hop artists today. One of the things that helped Redd rise to stardom was his versatility. He provided unique vocals over interestingly-conducted instrumentals consistently throughout most of his discography. That, however, does not remain the same with ALLTY4. 

The main takeaway from the album is Redd’s lack of versatility. In the past, he has been a genre-bending artist that kept the listener guessing what the next track would sound like. On ALLTY4, Redd doesn’t switch it up enough to keep the album interesting.

Songs like “Til The End of Time” and “Abandoned (feat. Mariah the Scientist)” are tracks that Redd does break character in by incorporating more singing than rapping. The problem is that these tracks, along with many others, lack excitement or originality. “Til The End of Time” sounds a lot like Post Malone’s “Circles,” but it lacks the emotion that can be found in a lot of other songs that sound like it. 

There weren’t many songs that were bad, but the unoriginality plagued the album throughout. Most of the tracks sounded bland, which made ALLTY4 underwhelming as a whole.

One of the songs on the album that stands out is “Death (feat. DaBaby).” The track has a different feel in comparison to the other tracks’ energy. Both Redd and DaBaby come in with verses that are aggressive and energetic, which makes the track one worth listening to over and over again.

Despite that track, ALLTY4 is simply a stale album. The songs mainly feel like B-Sides off other Redd projects while giving the listeners nothing new to hear. The tracks get too monotonous, and they lack any kind of passion.

Redd has been adequate at making unique tracks in the past, but recently, it seems as if he has gone too long without providing a new sound for his listeners. Let’s hope that Redd can provide noteworthy, versatile tracks with the substance on his next project because sadly, ALLTY4 doesn’t accomplish that by any means.

Rating: 2/5