As the weather gets colder, it can be hard to enjoy the wonderful outdoor activities Athens has to offer. If you and your significant other are looking for a cute date that won’t make either of you catch a cold, never fear, because Athens is a treasure trove of fun places. Here’s a list of the top seven indoor date ideas for you and your significant other to try:

Dinner and a movie

It’s an age old classic: going out to dinner and then seeing a movie. Athens is home to some great movie theaters, including the Athena Cinema, 20 S. Court St.; Athena Grand, 1008 E. State St.; and the Fun Barn, 14333 US-33. You and your significant other can check out any of Athens local eateries for a bite to eat and then go to one of the local movie theaters to make the night complete. Though it’s a typical date, it never fails to bring some fun. 

Art museum

An art museum can be a great date idea for people who appreciate art and those who don’t. Art museum dates not only provide some time to walk around and get a sense of what the other person likes and dislikes, but it can spark a lot of conversation regarding the topics of the artwork, the artwork itself and anything else under the sun. Luckily, Athens is home to a few great art museums, including the Kennedy Museum of Art, 100 Ridges Circle and the Dairy Barn Arts Center, 8000 Dairy Lane. This date will be very conversational, so it will be better for people who aren’t afraid to break the ice. 


If you walk up and down Court Street, it’s easy to see the copious amounts of boutiques and shops for people to browse. Shopping is another type of date idea that involves a lot of time to talk and get to know your significant other, and who knows, you might even be able to get a cute gift from the date. Between walking up and down Court Street or driving over to the new Marshall’s, 743 E. State St., there are several places to get your shop on.

A cup of coffee (or tea)

With so many cute local coffee shops, how could you resist going on a coffee date? Coffee dates are the easiest, most relaxed way to go on a date while truly getting to know someone. Sitting together with a cup of coffee, talking about anything and everything can be such an intimate thing. You’ll also be killing two birds with one stone by supporting local businesses.

Basketball or hockey game

For those of you who are big sports fans, another great date would be to see any indoor sporting events at OU. Whether it’s basketball or hockey, an OU sporting event is not only a way to go on a cheap and fun date, but also show some school spirit at the same time. 


Another classic, yet underrated date idea is bowling. Bowling can be a fun way to do something active with your significant other, while still being able to look cute and get out of the cold. Bowling alleys like Rollerbowl Lanes, 28 Palmer St., have fun music, snacks and lots of fun to offer, so bowling can act as an all encompassing way to experience a lot of stuff in one date. 

Live concerts or performances

Athens is known for its rich population of performers. Be it musicians, actors or dancers, there are plenty of performances for people to enjoy. Concerts happen at least once a week at venues like The Union, 18 W. Union St.; Casa Nueva, 6 W. State St. or even Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, 47 E. Union St. There are also several community theater groups nearby, like Lost Flamingo or ABC Players, that perform several shows each semester for people to enjoy. Facebook, the Ohio University Calendar or just a quick Google search can provide several options for a great date night with a live show. 


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