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Five for 5: 1 non-foodie’s journey to find a 5-star meal for $5

For my final semester at Ohio University, I’ve decided to cross off an item on my collegiate bucket list: I’m starting a column. Every other week, I will try an Athens food item that costs less than $5, with the goal of finding a five-star meal. 

There’s a good chance you’re not going to agree with me. You might think I’m biased against certain foods — which is the truth. I’m not a big fan of breakfast or Italian foods, but I’ll still mercilessly review them.

I also don’t claim to be an expert on cooking or a “foodie,” whatever that means. I once put Kellogg’s Corn Pops in a solo cup of Bud Light because milk wasn’t an option, and the best meal I’ve ever made was Ramen in my microwave. I was proud of it, even if my mother wasn’t. 

I’m also probably not qualified to write reviews in general. I’m a journalism major who lost interest in writing after my freshman year. You’re probably more likely to find me DJing at Red Brick Tavern than writing articles. My only contribution for The Post is to fix the copy errors of writers much better than me.

Maybe you’ll like my column. Maybe it’ll encourage you to try more cheap food. But then again, I’m also the guy who’s never tried another ice cream flavor outside of vanilla. So what do I really know? One Post reader said the only other publication that would have accepted the piece was The Onion.

The bottom line is, I’m the last person who should be allowed to express my takes in any way, but I’m here, so deal with it. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to find the perfect meal on a college budget. Will any review ever hit five stars? I guess I won’t know until I found out.

My inbox and DMs will always be open to anyone who has suggestions on what meal I should try. I never claimed to have good opinions, but they’re my opinions, and it’s my face on the column, so just enjoy the ride. 

Kevin Pan is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Do you know where can Kevin find the best $5 meal? Tell him by messaging him on Instagram at @thenextbigming.

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