Last week’s episode of The Bachelor ended with Kelsey and her champagne drama, as she stormed off crying in the bathroom. As the sun rose the next morning at the mansion, Kelsey and Hannah Ann are still in tears, and the rest of the women are #OverIt. Yep, we are, too. 

The champagne “fanasco” will hopefully subside, but it doesn’t look too promising after Hannah Ann dropped a grenade last week — telling Peter that Kelsey is a bully. 

It’s easy to roll your eyes, as each season it promised to be “the most dramastic season this far.” But this time around, Chris Harrison was not lying. 

Although the season is only three episodes underway, the show has been 95% drama between contestants and 5% true interaction with Peter (*cough Madison’s one-on-one cough*). Hopefully, Peter will turn away some of the culprits of the petty drama at the rose ceremony. Here are a few highlights you may have missed from the latest episode of The Bachelor:

The champagne debacle 

After several moments of cringe-y drama about champagne bottles being popped, Hannah Ann and Kelsey finally sat down to hash things out. At this point, the second hand embarrassment is setting in. 

“We are going into the third rose ceremony, and we are still talking about a champagne bottle that got popped,” Victoria F. points out. 

Although both Hannah and Kelsey have equal participation in keeping the drama alive, it’s Kelsey who makes her villainous qualities obvious, while Hannah Ann seems to be better at concealing her own. “It’s not about the champagne. I don't really even like champagne,” Kelsey tells Hannah Ann. 

Hannah Ann is harping on the fact that she is “not a champagne stealer” while ugly crying beside Kelsey. Before we know it, the drama is no longer about the champagne but rather a fight. Let’s move on, girls! 

The queen is back

How to spice things up even more? Bring in the big guns (aka Demi Burnett and her henchwomen). They infiltrate the house by waking the ladies up with a pillow fight and pass out bags to women going on the group date that contain a “pajama lingerie set.” Props to Kiarra for pronouncing it “linger-ee.” 

Demi announces that the girls on the date will be competing in an Extreme Pillow Fight Club for Peter’s heart. After several matches, the championship gets down to Alayah “the royal pain” and Sydney “Syd vicious,” who already have major beef brewing. 

Obviously, the pillow fight gets nasty, as the two women get a tad bit too aggressive. Sydney pulls Alayah’s hair, and Alayah decides to sit on top of her for her final move before taking the crown. Sydney was flaming as she said, “What am I supposed to do? It’s an elephant sitting on a rat. How are you gonna get up?”

Aaliyah has Krystal qualities

During Arie’s season, Krystal took the cake as the villain whom everyone in the house has doubts about. Krystal’s villain cut came directly from the other women who questioned if she, like most villains, was “there for the right reasons.” 

For The Bachelor, the question is a revolving door that seems to now be smacking Alayah in the face. After Sydney brought her doubts about Alayah to light with Peter, the drama exploded once again within the house. 

At the poolside date the following day, Peter was clearly exhausted by the drama and spent the afternoon finding more details about Alayah. “I unfortunately, I guess, kinda feel a little bit of doubt creeping in with all this. This is my final opportunity to get some answers before moving forward,” the Bachelor said.  

Multiple women voiced their concern about the facade Alayah puts on while the cameras are rolling. “Sydney was not wrong in her speculation,” Natasha said. 

“I feel like some people turn it on for the cameras. I’ve never been drawn to her. We’ll be hanging out, the cameras come on and her voice raises five octaves,” Lexi admitted to Peter.

However, it was clear Alayah isn’t fooling Peter as much as Krysal fooled Arie, as she got the chopping block at the end of the night. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.