With spring break being less than two weeks away, many students find themselves unmotivated to complete any course work and alternatively might be shopping for new clothes and swimsuits for the vacation they have been planning for so long. Some students may be traveling to Florida for some desired beach time, while others may be taking a trip to New York City to explore the metropolitan life. However, not everyone has the luxury of going on vacation, and instead won’t be going anywhere besides their living room couch. For those who can relate to these plans more than others, here are eight activities to keep busy this spring break: 

Work a well-paying job

Most students have jobs they once worked in high school or over summer and winter break. Although spring break is only a week long, there is still plenty of time to pick up a couple of shifts, earn some extra bucks and reunite with close coworkers. 

Take a road trip

Despite being at home for the mini vacation, there is no reason why you cannot jump in their car, grab some friends, snacks, put on a good playlist and begin driving. No matter where you live, you can drive a solid three or four hours and end up in a new town, surrounded by new places, restaurants and people, leaving endless opportunities for new adventures and experiences. 

Spring cleaning

While home, it is a smart idea to go through your closet and decide what items you could either donate or sell. By selling or donating clothes, more room is available in the closet to allow room for new summer looks and styles. There are advantages to both selling and donating clothes. Selling clothes on sites like Poshmark and Curtsy can mean profiting off of old clothes and having some extra cash for the remainder of the semester, whereas donating can mean helping those in need. Either way, both options are beneficial. 


It is greatly important to remember to take care of yourself not only at home but at school too. Though, while living in dorms, apartments and on minimal budgets, it is often easy to forget to do so. With that being said, while unwinding at home, take advantage of having time to have a spa day, catch up on sleep, journal or read a new book. All of these activities are therapeutic and can make anyone feel better about themselves and their mental state. 

Spend time with family and friends

Most can agree that the best part about being in your hometown is seeing old friends and family. While home, try to grab lunch or dinner with an old friend or friend group, but also make sure to set aside time for family, because odds are, they miss their Bobcat.  

Attend a fitness class

Prioritizing your body and health is a fundamental part of living a hearty lifestyle. Take time off of classes and weekly responsibilities to test out a new local fitness class. Many group fitness classes include cycling, yoga, Zumba and boxing 

Support local businesses 

There is no doubt that restaurants like Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse are beloved, but after a while, your taste buds are probably itching for something different and unfamiliar. Therefore, instead of heading over to Starbucks when craving coffee or Chipotle when wanting something fast to eat; look up what local shops sell coffee and unique foods nearby and try them out. To make the experience more enjoyable, try writing a review about the business’ services and products. 

Work ahead on schoolwork

Following spring break, there are only roughly six weeks remaining of the semester, which means final exams are approaching. Although the thought of working on schoolwork over break may seem distressing, ultimately, you will feel more productive and prepared when the amount of studying picks up before finals.