Student Senate ended its last general body meeting Wednesday by inducting interim President Janie Peterson.

The body also swore in Danielle Klein as interim vice president and Richard Danylo as interim treasurer. 

Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones said the year and induction will forever be memorable due to the nature surrounding it.

“No one is going to forget your senate year,” she said. “This was the senate year where we had to close down and to teach online and work remotely.”

Senate President Lydia Ramlo echoed that message by reviewing the progress Senate made throughout her time in the organization. 

“This organization continues to build upon itself each year and (is) constantly learning and growing,” Ramlo said. “I’ve always never wanted this year to be the best year in Student Senate. It’s always been my goal that next year will be the best.” 

A resolution was also passed appointing a new director and assistant director for Students Defending Students.

 Cam Sico will serve as director of Students Defending Students, or SDS, and Ellen Gill-Franks to serve as assistant director of SDS, according to the resolution. Both will serve during the 2020-21 academic year.

Several appointments were also made on the Senate Judicial Panel.

Hannah Fleming and Cyrus Theodore were appointed as associate judges on the Senate Judicial Panel for the 2020-2021 academic year. Makayla Fritinger was also appointed as the clerk of court for the panel, and Rylee Cavins was appointed as assistant clerk of court for the academic year. 

Ramlo also gave her parting thoughts to the body as the year comes to an end.

“I have faith that you will continue to grow this organization more than we did this year,” Ramlo said.