The Ohio University Student Senate Judicial Panel said in a statement Wednesday that a presidential candidate will not be barred from candidacy in light of recent sexual assault allegations.

The Judicial Panel will not be removing Carlo DeNiro, the only presidential candidate, from candidacy, as it found DeNiro is in “good standing” with the university. 

“The Panel has no authority within the Rules and Procedures or Student Senate Constitution to remove him from candidacy,” according to the statement. 

Allegations against DeNiro were shared on the Ohio U Safe Space Twitter account through an anonymous form. The tweets, which have now been deleted, accused DeNiro of sexual assault. 

DeNiro may lose good standing with OU if a “complaint or charge is brought against (him), the charge is investigated, and (he is) found to be in violation of either the Student Code of Conduct or another regulatory document of the University,” according to the statement. 

The panel is unaware of DeNiro being in violation of any regulatory documents at this time.

If any candidate, including DeNiro, loses their good standing with the university, the panel will open an investigation. Sanctions may be applied as a result of the investigation, according to the statement.

“The Judicial Panel takes allegations of sexual assault very seriously and its members remain truly troubled by these allegations,” according to the statement.

The executive officers of Senate denounced the decision of the Judiciary Panel on DeNiro’s candidacy.

Student Senate Interim President Janie Peterson, Interim Vice President Danielle Klein and Interim Treasurer Richard Danylo released a statement June 29 announcing that they were working with the Judicial Panel, whose decisions they disagreed with in a second statement Thursday, to address the allegations.

The executive officers of Senate denounced the decision. They also called the panel’s “excuse that they have no authority” untrue and unacceptable, according to the statement. 

The statement demands the panel reopens Senate elections and removes DeNiro from the ballot.

“We cannot stand by idly for this inaction and inappropriate behavior and will continue to advocate to the judicial panel that a different decision must be made,” according to the statement.