Quarantine brought out the best in most people’s creativity and comfy style. With nowhere to go to dress up and look good for, we were left to make looking casual cute again. From DIY sets to throwing different articles of clothing together to principally wearing a mask everywhere, the look stuck. So naturally, it should come as no surprise that many students will be sporting some of the new trends on campus this fall. 

Matching bleach and tie dye sets

Within the past couple of months, matching bleach and tie dye sets have become all the hype. Users on TikTok began making videos of the process, and immediately the world followed suit. These sets became a fashion staple as they were affordable, easy to make and most definitely chic. All it takes is a pair of sweatpants, joggers, sweat shorts plus a matching tank, t-shirt, long sleeve, crew neck or hoodie to construct the look. Grab a pair of scissors if you feel like cropping the top, some bleach and rubber bands and you have yourself all the essentials to create a perfect fit for class, hanging out with friends or simply relaxing at home. 

Blue light glasses 

Another newest wrinkle in everyday fashion has become blue light glasses. Frankly, this current trend is one we’re living for. Not only are blue light glasses incredibly practical when studying or binging Netflix shows, given they reduce headaches immensely, but they are also adorable yet sophisticated. Pull up Amazon on your browser ASAP, and purchase a pair for around 20 dollars. Your eyes will thank you while you’re going on hour 8 of online classes. 

Tennis Skirts

At one point in time, you probably made fun of people who wore tennis skirts. Jokes on you guys now because they are in, to say the least. They may have seemed like a garment of clothing only worn if you actually played tennis, looked like someone who played tennis or were someone who goes to Miami University. We don’t make the rules. Currently, more people are hopping on the bandwagon though, meaning our Bobcats will be sporting them around campus. They are very versatile as they can be worn while exercising, going to class paired with a hoodie or even a graphic tee for a contrasting preppy, edgy vibe. Popular skirts can be found on Nike or Lululemon’s site. 


Though masks’ primary purpose is to protect the spread of the ongoing coronavirus, now with them being mandated and considered fundamental, there is no reason why we shouldn’t bring some fun to an unideal situation. In all honesty, some people may even prefer to wear a mask, considering it covers the majority of the face which may be beneficial when makeup is unwanted and the morning after is prevalent. 

At this time a year ago, if we saw the whole human race wearing facial coverings we would be extremely and utterly confused, however now, they have become common and a crucial part of our everyday life. Similar to a wallet, you just can’t go anywhere without one nowadays. 

Because of this, it is not a bad idea to have a handful of masks to interchange once in a while, when one is being washed or has become lost. We recommend having at least one or two neutral colored masks such as a black and a white one. No matter what you are wearing, the black and white masks are guaranteed to match. 

However, let loose and order a colored one or one with a fun design. There are even Ohio University masks sold on the parent Facebook page or Etsy to show your school spirit. Generic disposable masks are sold almost everywhere, but if you’re looking for a fun one, shop online to see which one best fits your style and personality. 

If you’re in an organization such as a sport or Greek Life, see if they make masks so you can represent whatever it may be that you are a part of. More than likely, whatever interests you, whether it’s a sports team, music artist or clothing store, there are masks out there designed to promote these interests. It is also important to experiment with different masks to decide which are most comfortable and which aren’t, seeing as you will be wearing one frequently.