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Blotter: Resident gets a call from the FBI; burnt Poptart sets off alarm

Wagon Wheel 

The Athens Police Department responded to a report of a theft of a wagon on Tuesday.

Your Poptart is on fire 

The Athens Fire Department responded to an alert at Biddle Hall on Sept. 29. A smoke detector was alerted due to a burnt Poptart in a microwave. The fire department used a fan to ventilate the smoke through the window. 

Sewer Overflow 

The Athens Fire Department responded to a residential call on North Congress Street about a potential gas leak. The potential leak was so strong that the residents couldn’t enter their home. 

When firefighters entered, they couldn’t pinpoint the direct source of the odor. AFD called maintenance of that residential building because they thought the odor was coming from the basement. They unlocked the basement door and then realized its odor was coming from sewer gas. 

Meet at the Borderline 

The Athens Sheriff's Office responded to a call from a resident of Shade Road about someone who called her pretending to be from the FBI, DEA and the US Department of the Treasury. They told her that she was in big trouble and found a car at the US/Mexico border with a tag that came back to her. The resident was also told that the vehicle had blood and drugs in it.

The Sheriff’s Office advised her that at no time would the DEA, FBI, or US Treasury contact her by phone. The Sheriff’s Office told the resident it was a scam. They also advised that if the scammer calls back, she should tell them she spoke with local law enforcement. 

Car naps 

The Athens Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from the Chauncey Park & Ride to assist Ohio State Highway Patrol about a car being damaged while the owner was sleeping in it. A person attempted to take off the vehicle’s converter while the owner was asleep. When the owner woke up, the suspect fled the scene. 

Throwing rocks 

The Athens Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from a foster mother who witnessed her two juvenile foster kids throwing rocks out of their window at a nearby car. The witness told the sheriff’s office that her boss will reimburse the victim for the damages and does not want any criminal charges made.


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