On Wednesday, Student Senate President Ian Carter introduced three resolutions to appoint a chief of staff, a senator for the Senate Appropriations Commission and international affairs commissioner. 

The appointees include:  

  • Chief of Staff: Elaina Tartal 
  • International Affairs Commissioner: Laura Ndoigo 
  • Senator for the Senate Appropriations Commission: Richard Danylo 

“Nobody is more qualified to be on SAC,” Treasure Becky “Eliza”  Ivan said. 

In the Student Senate’s advisory report, Interim Vice President of student affairs Jenny Hall-Jones discussed the increase of COVID-19 cases in residence halls. Tiffin, Jeff and Boyd Hall have been in quarantine due to the outbreak of positive COVID-19 tests.

“What we are seeing is that it’s not some big super spreader event that’s happening,” Hall-Jones said. “What’s happening is that people are gathering with close friends … two, three, four people in a room. The biggest offender last night was a bunch of people who were gathering in a room in a residence hall and watched The Bachelorette.” 

Hall-Jones also said she knows it can be hard to not have these small group gatherings, but it’s what students need to do in order to keep the amount of positive COVID-19 cases to a minimum. 

Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina, who is leaving his position at Ohio University on Oct. 26, also discussed the increased number of positive COVID-19 tests in the residence hall by warning students to take necessary precautions. 

“Peers have the biggest influence on people's behaviors, especially students and people between ages of 18 and 25,” Pina said.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Athens County is 1,073, an increase of 46 from Monday, according to the Athens City-County Health Department.