Correction appended.

Student Senate held its second virtual meeting of the year Wednesday night and filled three vacant positions. 

Senate President Ian Carter II was the primary sponsor for each of the resolutions proposed at Wednesday’s meeting, with Vice President Elizabeth Lilly and Treasurer Becky “Eliza” Ivan offering their support alongside him.

Resolution 2021-05, the first of the three resolutions, was brought forth to appoint a Chief Justice to Senate’s Judicial Panel. 

Mason Link was nominated for the position. The resolution passed quickly without opposition. 

“[Mason] had a great interview, bright ideas, and we’re excited to see what he will bring,” Carter said.

The next order of business was Resolution 2021-06, which, if approved, would be used to appoint a Senate Appropriations commissioner. 

This resolution also passed, and Sam Carryer was appointed to fill the position. 

“We thought that Sam really represented our goals and our values,” Lilly said. “We’re looking forward to seeing—or hoping to look forward to seeing—Sam in this position. He really blew us out of the water with this one. “

Lilly also offered a bit of gratitude to all of the other candidates who were interviewed for the position, saying that their hard work has not gone without notice.

The last resolution of the night was Resolution 2021-07, which dealt with the appointment of a Black Affairs commissioner.

The resolution also passed, and Amaya Thomas was appointed as commissioner. 

“I would like to congratulate Miss Thomas,” Carter said. “[She had] great points in her interview, spoke well and just wanted to be the voice for the students.”

Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina and Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones reminded students to keep an eye on their OU student emails, as all students who returned to campus for Phase 2 may be subject to random testing for COVID-19. 

“Our students are doing this remarkably well,” Pina said. “We want to make sure none of our students get COVID, and for those who happen to get it that we’re able to take care of them.” 


Correction appended: A previous version of this article listed the incorrect name for Student Senate President Ian Carter II. The article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information.