Student Senate advisor Jenny Hall-Jones shared Wednesday that over 3,000 Ohio University students will return to on-campus housing as part of the university’s plans for the upcoming Spring Semester.

Monday was the deadline for residential students to confirm if they are coming back to campus. Hall-Jones reported that 4,500 of the 6,300 students eligible to come to campus responded, and 3,200 of those students said they want to come back. 

She also spoke about the possibility of larger events that still maintain all safety protocols. 

“We still do need to see what the governor is going to do and what the state of Ohio is with COVID-19 numbers in the spring,” Hall-Jones, interim vice president for Student Affairs, said. 

Additional reports from members of Senate focused on COVID-19 and mental health at Ohio University. Senate President Ian Carter specifically spoke on the mental health aspect. 

“One of our main points for this year is mental health and wellbeing. Ohio University has free anonymous mental health resources 24/7,” Carter said. “So, if you or anyone you know are struggling with mental health, please reach out to someone.”

Interim Senior Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Patti McSteen also said grant funding proposals were submitted to support the mental resources available to students.

PR Director Emily Ertle spoke about free COVID-19 testing for students.

“All Ohio students and staff are welcome to get tested for COVID-19 to know your health status prior to going home for the holidays,” Ertle said. “The testing is available through Tuesday the 24th and then Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 as well. Email to schedule your free visit.”

In other business, 13 resolutions were also voted on and passed.

Of the 13 resolutions passed, 11 regarded resolutions to appoint new directors, commissioners, and senators to the Senate. 

Two directors for the executive staff were appointed and approved: Noah Kiger as director of Veterans’ Affairs and Ammar Fauzi as the director of Research.

Four commissioners to Senate were appointed and approved. The appointees include Cali Leasure as Women’s Affairs commissioner, Celine Freetage as University Life commissioner, Jo Itapson as Environmental Affairs commissioner and Amanda Woods as Residence Life commissioner. 

Four senators were appointed and approved to the Academic Affairs Commission as well. These four senators include Mandy Shults as senator for the College of Health and Sciences and Professors, Salonas Ayad as senator for the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Megan Doll as senator for the Patton College of Education and Grace Morris as senator for the Scripps College of Communication. 

An LGBTQIA+ affairs senator, Sophie Tate, was also appointed into Senate. However, it was not in the resolution that she is a part of the Academic Affairs Commission.

At the end of the meeting, both Carter and Vice President Elizabeth Lilly congratulated the new appointees. 

“I just want to congratulate everyone who was appointed to a position tonight, and I can’t wait to see what everyone does,” Carter said.