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Photo provided via Lost Flamingo Theatre Company's Facebook page.

Lost Flamingo Theatre Company presents ‘The Door’ for virtual audience

The Lost Flamingo Theatre Company (LFC) is in the midst of its spring performances. After their adaptations to COVID-19, the theatre has been hosting their performances virtually. Their next upcoming performance will be March 20 and 21. Titled The Door, LFC has worked hard to produce another successful show. 

The play consists of three cast members and revolves around a grandma, Grace, played by Nicole Adams, and her teenage grandson, Justin, played by Quinn Bennett. The plot consists of a constant knock at a door –– a door that Grace is having trouble opening. She’s avoiding whatever is behind the door, for coming to terms with what’s behind it may be difficult.

Grace is faced with darkness, having only her grandson by her side. Through conversation, the audience learns more about the story which covers issues that reflect closely to present-day topics.

“I think it's a really important show because it touches on a lot of really important topics,” Adams said. “I think, especially in today's political climate with everything that's been happening it's a really important story that needs to be told.”

Through the process of building emotion, adapting to producing and performing this play has been nothing less of a learning experience. Through rehearsals, the cast was able to bond through a virtual platform, although there were limitations.

“Putting together the show has been very interesting because everything's so different,” Destery Gunther, stage manager and actor, said. “Not being able to meet face to face has been hard because you have to figure out the dynamics of blocking and how things are going to work — there are some scenes that really require a very physical presence. That can be pretty hard when you're online.”

With in-person performances missed, LFC has worked strenuously to assure that the students and viewers are receiving as much of the real experience as possible.

The cast and crew have worked hard to create an emotional and memorable performance. This set-up is different but has made an accessible opportunity for anyone who wants to view the performance.

“It's certainly been different than any other theatre that I've done in the past,” Bennett said. “Obviously the biggest difference is trying to connect virtually with scene partners — it’s very, very difficult. A lot of that too is not being able to make eye contact ever because there's obviously a difference between where your camera is and where the person's little Zoom box is.” 

Although there won’t be a live audience and applause will be absent, the presence of a virtual audience would mean a great deal to the cast and supporting the student arts.

“We are in this together and entertainment right now is really hard to make, but it's worth seeing what we provide,” Gunther said. “It gives us a break from the world around us, and I think that's very important to do nowadays — try and take that break and accept, and go forth.”

The cast encourages anyone and everyone to enjoy the show from the comforts of their own homes, as well as show some support for the theater company.

“Theater really was hit hard by this pandemic,” Katie Leeds, director of The Door, said.  “...I think supporting this art form that has been hit really hard, is really important now. If you're able to support theatre-makers and, let us give you this experience, even though it's different from how it usually is.” 

Tickets are available for purchase at LFC’s website


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