Nazi Cows 

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding a suspicious person on the caller’s property at Pleasanton Road in Athens. When deputies arrived they found the reported man on the property. 

The man told deputies he was God and that “nazi cows” from the farm he was on were going to destroy the planet. 

Deputies took the man to the hospital and a blue slip was completed. His vehicle was towed as well, at the owner’s expense.

Debt to be settled

Tools were reported stolen from Rainbow Lake Road, in Athens, according to the Athens County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies discovered the tools had been stolen because the caller owed the suspect money. 

The caller said he does not wish to pursue charges as long as the tools are returned within a specific time frame. The suspect acknowledged he does have possession of the tools and was warned that charges will be filed if the tools are not returned. 

Don’t go shooting people

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding frequent trespassing. The caller said people walk through her yard often.

She called to inquire whether she would be able to purchase a paintball gun to shoot at those trespassing on her property. 

Deputies advised her to politely ask others not to cross her property and call the sheriff’s office if there were further issues. She was told not to shoot them with a paintball gun.

Bank Robber Bird

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to an alarm activation at the bank on State Street in Amesville. When deputies arrived they were told that a bird had been trapped inside. 

Deputies caught the bird and released it outside. 

Runaway Trespassers

A call was received by the Athens County Sheriff’s Office regarding suspicious persons at Ohio Avenue in The Plains. The caller said three individuals had been in his backyard and run away on foot.

Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the individuals.