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With only two weeks left, will our contestants be able to find love? Will there be engagements at the end, or will contestants leave brokenhearted?  (Photo provided by @bachelorinparadise via Instagram). 

TV Review: L-bombs, tension, storms sweep through ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ this week

Alright rose lovers... storms are a brewing this week in paradise.

Ladies have the roses this week, and the guys are on the chopping block. Tension is high, relationships are progressing, new guys are arriving and there's only four unsecured roses left. The guys really need to step up their game this week. Between the official ending of the Joe and Kendall era, the L-bombs being dropped and discussion about plans outside of paradise for some of our stronger couples, all line up for one exciting week. Oh, did we forget to mention the tropical storm that swept through paradise this week? Between the sudden evacuation from paradise to all the drama, tension and emotions this week, we are in for one wild ride. 

The end of the Jendall Era

On season 5 of “Bachelor in Paradise”, Grocery-Store Joe and Kendall fell in love on paradise, and dated for two years after the show. Joe and Kendall then ended things after two years of dating due to not agreeing on what their future plans would look like. After almost a year and half of being single, Joe was ready to start fresh and set out on another journey for love. Serena P. and Joe established a strong connection week one, and are still continuing on this journey of love together. However, Joe was thrown with a curve-ball when Kendall showed up to paradise in week 4.

It has been one wild ride for Grocery-Store Joe with Kendall's arrival to paradise. A lot has been left up in the air about his relationship with Serena P. and having his ex Kendall in paradise. However, through all the drama, viewers discover that Joe is deciding to pursue his relationship with Serena P., ultimately closing the door on his past relationship with Kendall. Kendall had a major break-down this week, and decided to remove herself from this situation, leaving paradise broken hearted. 

Lots of L-bombs dropped

As this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” progresses, relationships are starting to become stronger with some of our favorite couples. This week starts off with Joe and Serena P. on a cute-romantic beach picnic. During their little picnic, Serena P. and Joe both confess that they are falling in love with each other. Then there’s Kenny and Mari. Kenny was gifted a date card this week, and clearly picked Mari to join him. 

The two participated in a fun and sexy taco dinner. After eating tacos off of each other’s bodies, the two ended the night with a more in-depth conversation which led to the dropping of the L-bomb. I hope if you can eat a taco off of your partner’s body that you can say that you are falling in love with them. 

Maurissa this week was pursued by one of the new arrivals, Demar, and this created second thoughts about her relationship with Riley. Maurissa was looking for Riley to open up more and build a deeper connection with her. This week, Maurissa sat down with Riley, and had a very personal and emotional conversation about Riley’s family and upbringing. This led to many tears and finally another confession of love from the both of them. With three couples dropping the L-bombs this week, is there a chance we might see some engagements by the end of this?

A tropical storm sweeps through paradise

Tension and emotions were high at the end of this week with the upcoming cocktail party and rose ceremony. With four strong relationships including Joe and Serena P., Kenny and Mar, Riley and Maurissa and Noah and Abigail, four less roses are on the table for our guys. Everyone is scrambling trying to secure those final roses before the ceremony. During all of this madness, a tropical storm swept through paradise adding even more stress and drama to the week.

All contestants had to pack their bags and evacuate paradise immediately. This led to a lot of emotions, fear and questions among our contestants. Many were wondering if they would be able to return to paradise, and if they would be able to continue their journey to find love. After evacuating and the storm finally blowing over all contestants were able to return to paradise at the end of this week. 

With only two weeks left, will our contestants be able to find love? Will there be engagements at the end or will contestants leave brokenhearted? 


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