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9 Halloween date ideas for the perfect fall night with your partner

Planning interesting and new dates for you and your partner can become tedious after a while. The bar scene doesn’t change, and your favorite restaurant still serves the same food week after week. Why not embrace the fall season with some Halloween-themed dates?

For a lot of us, this means pumpkin spiced lattes and carving pumpkins. However, year after year, doing the same activities can get a little boring. Try combining a few Halloween activities for the perfect date night!

Here are nine Halloween date ideas for you and your significant other:

Haunted gingerbread houses

This is a creative take on a traditional gingerbread house. Spend the evening making haunted gingerbread houses. There are so many Halloween candies that would be great to incorporate into this: Halloween Peeps (pumpkins or ghosts), candy corn (traditional or pumpkin-shaped) and Pepperidge Farm’s Milano cookies, which cut in half make for great tombstones. Try slightly melting marshmallows, then stretch them across the house to make cobwebs. The ideas are endless. Bonus idea: challenge your partner to make this a competition to raise the stakes.

Drive-in movie

Check your local drive-in movie centers, and watch a spooky movie under the stars. Choose a night when the weather is clear, and head to the drive-in. Wear pajamas, and pack blankets because it may get cold outside. You could even pack candy or stop and grab a coffee on the way for the best movie experience. Cuddling in your car while the weather is nice while a classic movie is playing will make for a cozy date night.  

Haunted house

Get dressed in your cutest flannel and hoodie, and make your way to your town’s haunted attraction. Haunted houses are a great date idea for couples looking to get out of the house and do something adventurous. The constant adrenaline of a haunted house will keep you on your feet and having fun for this week’s date night. 

Corn maze and pumpkin patch

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a corn maze and pumpkin patch. This is a classic fall date idea, but it is for good reason. You and your partner can head out to a pumpkin patch for a number of reasons: take cute photos, participate in a corn maze, find your pumpkins for carving or use this as an excuse to drink hot apple cider. 

Movie night

Another classic fall date idea but has so much potential. Having a movie night could be the perfect night in. Both Hulu and Netflix have sections set aside for halloween and horror movies. You could go the classic route and watch movies like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) or Halloweentown (1998), or you could opt for newer Halloween movies you haven’t seen yet to add an element of surprise to the night. 

Create your costumes 

Odds are that if you are in a serious relationship, you are most likely dressing up in a costume together for Halloween. Make a date night out of getting your costumes together. For some people, this means making everything by hand, so grab your fabrics and scissors for a crafty night. For others, this means heading to the thrift stores and Spirit Halloween for elements of your costumes. If you’d rather leave the work to others, you could online shop for your costumes together on Amazon for the night. No matter the degree of your costume-making skills, you can still make a fun night with your significant other planning what you’ll wear for Halloween. 

Make caramel apples

Making caramel apples by scratch could be a super fun Halloween-themed date. Buy all ingredients from the local store and have a baking night. You could even make a caramel apple bar with all different toppings to choose from, such as sprinkles, nuts, mini-marshmallows, crushed M&Ms and so much more. You could listen to classic Halloween music in the kitchen while you cook! This date idea is great because it gives you an activity as well as something to snack on after.

Decorate pumpkins

Plan a pumpkin carving or decorating night. You could carve the pumpkins or do something more crafty by painting them or adding accessories to them. Any date that uses each other’s artistic sides guarantees a fun night, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. After you decorate or carve your pumpkins, you can also bake the seeds together for a late-night snack. This is also another date idea you could turn into a competition to make things more interesting. 

Have a bonfire

Make a bonfire, and spend the night telling ghost stories! The sound of the fire crackling and the leaves blowing truly make for a romantic night outside. You can even pack s’mores supplies for a snack throughout the night. To maximize spookiness of the date, substitute pumpkin spice-flavored marshmallows for a twist on traditional s'mores.


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