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The highlight of AHS: Double Feature is Cody Fern. (Photo provided via @HalloweenYear-Round on Twitter)

TV Review: Ryan Murphy disappoints us once again with ‘AHS: Double Feature’ season finale

Get ready for the ultimate disappointment AHS fans – this week’s episode is full of it.

Last week on American Horror Story: Double Feature Part Two “Death Valley,” in the present, Cal (Nico Greetham) went into labor and was promptly attacked by the octopus-looking baby. In the past, Mamie (Sarah Paulson) and Dwight Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) were pushed further apart as Mamie slept with Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) and Dwight continued to go through moral dilemmas to keep the secret of aliens from the public. 

This week is the season finale, and the projected successful hybrid between human and alien is set for 2021. This sets up the episode to be exciting, yet it fails miserably.

Dwight is on the brink of death and doesn’t want to have anything more to do with the aliens, even when Valiant Thor offers to save him. Mamie becomes frustrated with him, but Valiant Thor is grateful the whole time.

“You two deserve each other,” Dwight said, uttering his last words.

After he dies, the aliens threaten Richard Nixon (Craig Sheffer) to resign. Nixon becomes paranoid, causing the Watergate scandal for self preservation. Mamie acts as a false whistleblower to the reporters, giving them the wrong information to throw them off the aliens’ trail.

The aliens kidnap Nixon and perform heinous acts on him, and eventually, he resigns. 

Mamie goes with Valiant Thor to Area 51 to live out the rest of her days in luxury. She immediately befriends Calico (Leslie Grossman), who sticks with her even to 2021, where they celebrate Mamie’s birthday.

At the same time as Mamie’s birthday celebration, Jamie (Rachel Hilson) and Kendall (Kaia Gerber) go into labor. Jamie’s baby is the wrong one, so she and the baby are both killed. Kendall, however, gives birth to the perfect hybrid. Right after, she talks back to Theta (Angelica Ross) and is beheaded. They preserve her body, however, so she can keep making the perfect babies, by putting a giant dome where her head used to be.

Valiant Thor tells Mamie of his plan to kill the human race now that the hybrid has been perfected. The human race, he says, must go because of its selfish and careless behavior with earth.

Mamie tries to recruit Calico and Theta to rebel against this plan. Though they all appear to be invested in the plan at first, it ultimately causes Mamie’s demise, as Theta and Calico were betraying her all along. Calico becomes the official mother for all of the hybrid babies, and Mamie’s head is burst.

This episode also brought up the lizard people conspiracy, and how the aliens plan to live side by side with them. The amount of conspiracies associated with this season was all just to show humans that even if the conspiracies were real, the human race is what is ruining earth. 

The only good part about the second half of the season was Cody Fern, and not even he and Sarah Paulson engaging in a sexual relationship could save the trash writing.

Though the attempt was certainly there, it was ultimately a failure. With an anticlimactic ending basically channeling Stephen King, AHS: Double Feature Part Two ends and makes season 10 of the show one of the worst yet. It might even be worse than Hotel, which has been my least favorite season to date.

Once again, Ryan Murphy disappoints us. After the first part of the season having a decent plotline with characters that were interesting (though nothing special), Part Two leaves AHS fans disappointed, but not surprised. Go watch Murder House or Coven to get a better taste in your mouth after this monstrosity. 


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