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Ohio forward Philippe Angervil (91) upset after missing an attempt on the goal during the Bobcats' game against Stony Brook on Jan. 14, 2022, in Bird Ice Arena

Hockey: Phil Angervil's confidence allows him to connect

Phil Angervil is no stranger to the ice. His mother enrolled him in a league at 3 years old to burn off his extra energy. Her early influence sparked a passion in Angervil and, little did they know, hockey would build him priceless connections for years to come. 

“No one in my family really played hockey,” Angervil said. “I was a really hyper kid, so my mom decided to put me in a sport and, being Canadian, she decided to put me in hockey. And ever since I have been playing hockey.”

Angervil began playing hockey in Montreal, Canada. Before he knew it, Angervil had climbed the ranks to junior hockey. However, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions prematurely ended his junior season in Canada. With nowhere to play in his native country and one year of junior hockey eligibility left, Angervil packed his bags for Columbus.

Angervil’s stay in Columbus was not long. Angervil spent two months with the Columbus Mavericks before coming to Athens to play for Ohio. Angervil had heard good things about Ohio’s program, and it didn’t take him long to realize he had made the right decision.

Getting to play the game he loves while figuring out how to make an impact for the Bobcats has been rewarding to Angervil. He may bring an aggressive playing style to the ice, but his time at Ohio has presented him with learning curves.

“The game is a lot faster,” Angervil said. “You have less time with the puck, (and) you have to move faster. It’s a learning experience, and I’m taking it day by day, but so far, I am enjoying it.”

On the ice, Angervil is a dominant player. The forward doesn’t shy away from his dauntless side, and it’s not a rare sight to see him in the middle of action on the ice or in the penalty box. That’s the type of player Angervil is. He is always ready to defend and never afraid to fight. 

While he wants to avoid time in the penalty box, Angervil will do anything to protect his teammates. Whether it be jumping out for a quick change or taking a punch, Angervil is ready to roll with the changes for the Bobcats. His team is family, and family is important to him.

“I try not to be aggressive,” Angervil said. “Sometimes, the other team gets the benefit of the doubt and they get in my head.”

But there’s always another voice in Angervil’s head — his mother.

From taking him to church to instilling him with confidence, his mother has had an enormous impact on shaping the man he is today. She is his biggest influence and the person who’s been there for him every step of the way. Without her, Angervil wouldn’t be in the position he is, playing where he is. She has given him the drive to keep going and improving his play. 

“My mom pushed me to be better every day,” Angervil said. “Since I was little, she has always told me I could do anything I put my mind to.”

Throughout all of his different experiences and having played the game for so long, he will never forget the memories and people he has bonded with over the years. They have encouraged Angervil to stick with hockey. 

“I’ve made so many friends. I’ve made so many good connections (with) people I won’t forget,” Angervil said.

Angervil’s career has taken him all over the map and, no matter where he goes, he carries his confidence and skates with him.  


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