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7 songs for your spring playlist 2022

Another spring break has come and gone, and now, the weather in Athens is finally starting to warm up. With the sun shining and an infectious energy spreading on campus, there’s nothing better than popping in some earbuds and taking a walk around Athens. 

Here are seven songs that give major springtime vibes for your stroll along the bricks:

“Any Day Now” by Trousdale

Trousdale knows where it excels, and its execution is flawless. The trio of women is known for their impeccable three-part harmonies. Trousdale is composed of Quinn D’Andrea, Georgia Greene and Lauren Jones, who aim to empower women with songs about love and self-acceptance.

“Any Day Now” is reflective of this goal, sprinkled with sunshine-filled harmonies and lyrics of affirmation for when life feels like too much. It’s perfect to blast during a drive when the weather is warm. 

“Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves

Spring is a time filled with new beginnings, beauty and, above all, love. Any song off of Kacey Musgraves’ Grammy-award winning album Golden Hour masterfully fits that description, but “Slow Burn” sets the tone for the entire album and belongs on every spring playlist.

The track begins with a light strumming of a guitar, emulating a morning sunrise signaling the arrival of a warm spring day. With headphones in, this song is sure to wrap you up in a version of the world seen through rose-colored shades, where the blossoming nature around Athens can truly be appreciated.

“New Skin” by Beach Weather

Though spring is a time of renewal, “New Skin” is the blast from the 2010s indie-rock past that we didn’t know we needed. The song begins with an energetic guitar line that never slows down, leading into an absolutely infectious chorus. As vocalist Nick Santino sings about going to his own happy place when he’s feeling lost, you’ll be sure to have a little more bounce in your step while listening to this track. It’s the serotonin boost we all needed after a dreary winter.

“Sort of Stranger” by The Greeting Committee, Briston Maroney

With heartbreaking lyrics such as “You look right through me like some sort of stranger,” it’s clear that The Greeting Committee and Briston Maroney are a musical match made in heaven. “Sort of Stranger,” which is co-written by the two musical acts, looks at how one moves on after their partner leaves. The simple yet powerful blend of acoustic guitar, keys and drums allow the lyrics to shine, especially as Maroney sings alongside The Greeting Committee’s Addie Sartino. The opening feels like the blossoming of spring flowers and will leave you with that melancholy feeling that can accompany the changing of seasons.

“In My Life” by The Beatles

There’s no denying that The Beatles had a way with words. The band was also never shy of innovation, including a piano sped up to sound like a harpsichord on this track. Both of these strengths are present in “In My Life,” one of The Beatles’ hits off of Rubber Soul.

“In My Life” is a reflection of the places John Lennon traveled throughout his life and the people he associates them with. Despite all of the memories and people he holds dear, no one compares to his love. With its central theme of love and soothing production, “In My Life” was made for reminiscing on your own memories of Athens as you walk around campus this spring.

“Strangers” by Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy’s sophomore album, Rearrange Us, brought about one of the group’s best songs to date: “Strangers.” The track was released as one of the singles on the album, which debuted in 2020, and its upbeat instrumentation paired with the triumphant refraining of “I am over you” will have you up and dancing if you’ve experienced a recent heartbreak. Spring is the time to get back out in the world, and the words of Mt. Joy in “Stranger” will have you feeling reinvigorated as you do so.

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Is it possible to listen to a song by Mazzy Star and not fall in love with Hope Sandoval’s voice? Mazzy Star’s dreamlike sound carved a distinct place in the '90s alternative rock scene, and “Fade Into You” is undoubtedly the group’s biggest hit.

“Fade Into You” showcases Sandoval’s vocals at their best, offering the perfect blend of something solemn yet sweet. A walk outdoors can be the ideal solution when you’re stuck in a rut, and “Fade Into You” sets the stage for looking inward this spring.


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