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Kate St.Leger smiles for a photo while waiting outside of North End during the Green Beer Day celebrations in Athen, Ohio, on March 2, 2022.

Students crowd Athens bars to participate in Green Beer Day

Ohio University students started preparing for Green Beer Day early Wednesday, and Court Street bars were eventually overflowing with students excited to participate in the festivities.

Bars Uptown advertised their Green Beer Day specials, and a few businesses sold Green Beer Day-themed clothing and accessories.

“Today, we've had a ton of sales specifically just for Green Beer Day,” Drew Humphreys, a junior studying marketing and 10 West Clothing Co. sales associate, said. “We've mostly (sold) the Green Beer Day green shirts, and we had some beads in here, too, but they’ve all kind of gone.” 

Jordanne Krajewski, a sophomore studying child and family studies, searched through 10 West Clothing Co.’s Green Beer Day merchandise in preparation to celebrate with her friends. 

“Last year (Green Beer Day) felt controlled still, so I'm hoping this year will be a little bit more like the real experience,” Krajewski said. 

Last year’s Green Beer Day had been altered to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. However, with the recent lift of Athens’ mask mandate and elimination of carrying capacities in establishments this past summer, students were able to enjoy Green Beer Day without limitations.

Members of the Phi Chi Theta, a business fraternity at Ohio University, sell Taco Bell outside of Hangovereasey during the Green Beer Day celebrations on March 2, 2022.

“There are definitely many more people out this year because there were still COVID-19 restrictions last year,” Colton Jones, a fifth-year studying health services administration, said.

In addition to stores preparing for the celebration, bars also prepared for Green Beer Day with music and themed drinks.

“We actually have a DJ,” Ali Cutshall, the front house manager at The Pigskin, said. “And then, pretty much, I got green beer in, so I have kegs of Bud Light that have been already dyed green.”

By 1:45 p.m., OU students had already started celebrating, but participation was limited, and only a few Uptown bars had more than a handful of people in them. 

Patrons line up outside of Courtside Pizza as they wait to get it during the Green Beer Day celebrations on March 2, 2022, in Athens, Ohio.

Despite the slow start, Cutshall said she expected the bar to get busy later in the day and last well into the night.

As the day continued, more students made their rounds on Court Street and, by 7 p.m., many had already visited a multitude of bars. Kate St. Leger, a junior studying outdoor education, said she had already been to four bars before stopping at North End.

Patrons line up outside of North End as they wait to get it during the Green Beer Day celebrations on March 2, 2022, in Athens, Ohio.

As many students attended the bars, others were making use of the increased pedestrian traffic by selling food on the side of the street.

Andie Miller, a freshman studying special education, sold Taco Bell outside of the bars alongside other members of Phi Chi Theta in order to raise money for their business fraternity.

“Previous potential member classes up with this idea when they were fundraising,” Ella Pegher, a freshman studying international business, said. “So, we just took it, and we figured Green Beer Day would be the perfect day.”

Athens residents stand inside of Stephen's while they celebrate Green Beer Day on March 2, 2002, in Athens, Ohio.

Students said this Green Beer Day was better than last year's due to the nice weather and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, which encouraged more people to celebrate.

Elizabeth Blazer, a junior studying psychology, said this year felt different in comparison to previous Green Beer Days.

“I feel like everyone's a little more wild this year. We're all ready to take the world again,” Blazer said.



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