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You can follow Angus Cloud on TikTok @anguscloudofficial (Photo provided by @anguscloud via Instagram).

6 of Angus Cloud’s funniest TikToks

Angus Cloud, also known as Fezco from HBO’s Euphoria, has been breaking the internet with his hilarious clips on TikTok. He is not only one of the latest heartthrobs, but he also has a great sense of humor. These short videos give an insight into Cloud’s daily life and adventures and make most feel closer to him. After scrolling through his account, many can agree they want to be his best friend. Here are six of Angus Cloud’s greatest TikToks:

The beginning of it all

Cloud’s first TikTok exemplifies his kind nature and sense of humor. The “positive prank” shows him asking his friend if he wants anything from the gas station, to which the friend replies no. Little does his friend know that Cloud pranks him by getting him a variety of snacks. The TikTok features the Euphoria star filling up a slushie and grabbing candy, chips and other tasty treats. The clip ends with Cloud giving his friend the bag of snacks, which is met with hysterical laughter. 

Cooking lessons with Angus

Cloud’s TikTok not only has humor but also a tutorial of how to order his favorite meal from McDonald’s. He calls it the “mcgangbang,” which is essentially a McDouble and McChicken sandwiched together. The clip shows Cloud ordering his snack inside the restaurant and a demonstration of him combining the two savory treats. Of course, he had to throw in a clip of the toy he got in his meal, too. 

@anguscloudofficial #mcgangbang #mcgangsta everyone go to mcds and try the mcgangbang challange and tag me and send it to me #mcgangbangchallange # #foodtiktok ♬ original sound - Angus Cloud

Positive prank, part two 

Obviously, he had to do another positive prank on his friend. This one shows Cloud’s buddy taking a nap on the couch without a blanket. Being the great person he is, Cloud “pranks” him by putting a blanket over his sleeping friend and tucking him in. Cloud’s contagious laugh can be heard in each of the clips, which puts a smile on any viewer’s face. 

Innocent, immature fun

This TikTok pictures Cloud’s innocent side of his humor. The clip takes place in front of a clothing store, where he changes a sign that reads “not saks” to “nut saks.” As always, his chuckle can be heard at the end as he walks away with a cute little grin on his face. It may be immature, but this type of joke has the ability to make anyone laugh. 

BTS or an accidental thirst trap?

Any fan loves a behind-the-scenes, but this particular one has many viewers drooling over Cloud’s looks. This behind the scene is from a photoshoot that Cloud did. He is dressed to the nines in Balenciaga pants and Celine shoes. Each of his outfits for the shoot shows all sides of his personality, which align very closely to his character in Euphoria. You can tell how much fun he’s having as he poses for the camera, and he even picks up a snake to grab a cool shot. The last clip shows him in a group hug with everyone working the set, which again exemplifies his wholesome and kind being. 

Park bench confusion

This last TikTok might be one of Cloud’s most viral clips. The actor explains his confusion as to why there is a bench with a “no sitting” sign. Not only is it in perfect condition, but it also looks awfully comfortable to take a break or even nap on. Despite what the sign says, Cloud takes the risk and sits right on the bench, not giving a care in the world. Who cares about the rules, especially when you’re currently one of the most loved actors. 


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