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From the Seniors’ Desk: So long from the 2022 graduates of ‘The Post’

The college experience is full of ups and downs, and these past four years have been no exception. The pandemic, for our current seniors, was a disruptor to the middle years of college, but despite the trouble it caused, the finish line is here.

In our last print edition of the academic year, some of our seniors wanted to say farewell and thank you to the people and things that have supported us during our time at Ohio University. We could not have done it without all of you. 

Abby Miller, editor-in-chief

I’ve already said a big goodbye, but I want to thank everyone at The Post again for being the most incredible staff to work with. I’ve learned something new from everyone here, and I would not trade being editor-in-chief this year for the world. 

I didn’t know I wanted to go to OU until I decided I wanted to be a journalist and subsequently visited campus. At that time, I also had no idea what The Post was, but I left my campus tour with a copy of the tabloid and found myself flipping through the pages. From there, I only continued to discover more about myself as a person — and a journalist — and what I was capable of. I never would have imagined The Post being such a pivotal part of my life four years ago, but I’m endlessly grateful for it. Thank you, The Post, for everything.  

Bre Offenberger, managing editor

I dreaded coming to OU. I wanted to get out of West Virginia and start anew, but I was still scared I wouldn’t make any friends or make anything of myself. That changed rather quickly after I joined The Post.

These last four years have been the greatest of my life, thanks to this always hectic, always weird, always reliable publication. I met my best friend here (love you, Riley); I sharpened my social skills here (now I don’t visibly shake when I interview people); I found myself here. I’d say there were more stressful days than peaceful ones during my time at The Post, but I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.

Matt Geiger, digital managing editor

No one can say I didn’t party.

Riley Runnells, culture editor

It’s not often you find a community of people who are like minded yet still independent, funny but can be serious when necessary and create a sense of family when you’re far from your own. However, The Post gave me that. Meeting the people at The Post felt like finding my community on campus, and I’m forever grateful for that. Though I had countless incredible professional opportunities that I am beyond proud of, such as working on podcasts, starting my own video series, writing nearly 700 stories and more, it’s the people I’ve met here and formed relationships with that have meant the most to me.

The Post brought me some of my best friends, my partner and some of the greatest colleagues I could’ve ever asked for. I was terrified to start over when I came to college, but The Post adopted me into its family, and I am so lucky to say that I’m a Postie. I worked on my journalism skills and built connections that will last a lifetime, and I can’t thank this publication enough for making it possible. I hope you all continue supporting student journalism, and I’ll miss working here with these incredible people so dearly.

Jack Gleckler, sports editor

It’s hard to fathom just how integral The Post has been to my college experience. I joined almost as soon as I stepped on campus, and many of the friends I’ve made while here can be considered a family in their own right. I’ve been able to travel and cover sporting events I never imagined covering in areas of the country I’d never visited before. I can thank my time in the sports section for that.

Athens is a special place, and The Post is a special publication. There’s little doubt in my mind that I’m only in my current position now because of the experiences I’ve had. Four years went by quicker than I anticipated, but it’s been a four years I’ll never forget.

Mikayla Rochelle, opinion editor

Oh boy. This is a hard goodbye. Being a Postie has been so pertinent to my college experience. The Post has given me great experiences and has helped me improve my writing, but that is not my biggest takeaway from this publication. My biggest takeaway is some of the best friendships I have ever had in my life. Spending countless hours each week in the newsroom goes by really quickly when you get to spend that time with your best friends. I never expected these four years to go so fast, but I am thankful for every minute of it, and I am thankful for The Post.

Noah Wright, former opinion editor

Until about a week ago the idea of not living in Athens and being part of the community at Ohio University did not seem real to me. Leaving this place I have called home since 2018 seemed impossible. However, it turns out it is very possible, and as exciting as the prospects of a career and an adult life are, man is it hard to say goodbye. 

For the last four years I have spent countless hours being with people I truly love. I’ve been lucky enough to have a stable, extremely close friend group that endured little change throughout my time here. I have The Post to thank for a good chunk of that friend group. Saying goodbye to Athens is going to be hard, but saying goodbye to these people will truly hurt. All that being said, it’s time for me to go. I cannot truly put into words how grateful I am for my time here and the memories I’ve made. These four years will be with me for the rest of my life. 

Brianna Lender, web development director

Just as I had joined in the fall, and earned my section editor position in the spring of sophomore year, the pandemic slammed the door on us. However, I could not have felt more welcome once we were allowed back together on campus this past year. It was a whole new yet exciting experience in-person, and I'm so glad I was able to spend this last year making memories with all the Posties. 

When I started out, my coding staff suffered a bit in numbers from the remoteness of the pandemic. I had a small number of regular staff that would help out every other week that they could, but now I am happy to leave the coding team nearly triple the size it once was. I love each and every one of my “Codies” for ever taking an interest in our small but mighty team, now bigger and mightier than ever because of you!

Thank you to everyone for being so awesome and fun to work with these past years! No workplace will ever quite feel the same as hanging out in The Post newsroom.

Mary Berger, former art director

I remember putting my name on a sign up sheet to be part of the design team one of my first weeks at OU. I had no experience in news publications before joining, so I’m not sure what drew me into signing up. It may have been the welcoming Posties at the sign up table or the appeal of being a part of something that mattered at the university. Whatever it was that swayed me to step out of my comfort zone, I cannot be more grateful that I did. 

The Post has given me the opportunity to express myself in mainly art, but also when I occasionally wrote for the beat section. This publication has also given me some of the greatest friendships I will ever know, and I am confident will carry on after graduation. Due to The Post, I have been given confidence in myself and my abilities to do whatever I put my mind to. I can trace this back to the opportunities presented to me on the design staff and from my role as Art Director for two years, for getting me where I am in my career thus far. 

I could not be more thankful for my last four years at The Post, no matter how challenging or frustrating it may have been at times, I know this publication is one of the biggest influences on my work ethic, character and career.

Jillian Craig, senior writer

If you ask any of my family members or close friends, “independent” is a word commonly used to describe my personality. When it came to finding a publication to join at OU, The Post is one that truly let me be independent. I’ve had the opportunity to freely explore topics I want to report, in addition to making valuable and lasting connections with my fellow Posties. 

Thank you to my family, friends, professors and Post staff for supporting me over the past four years, and for continuing to support me in my post-college adventures. 

Colin Mayr, photographer

You know, BACK IN MY DAY, during my freshman year, I found my friends and myself thanks to The Post. These past four years, I have grown to a point of which I could have never dreamed of back in my day at this point of my senior year in high school. I will be forever thankful for The Post and the opportunities it has granted me over these past four years.

Iana Fields, opinion writer

As a bright-eyed freshman walking through the tables on College Green for the Involvement Fair, I was trying to find an organization where I could express my true self through my writing. When I attended my first information session for The Post, I felt out of my element as a creative writing major. Everyone for the most part had some background in journalism, whereas all I could offer was poetry. However, this didn’t deter anyone from teaching me, and if anything, more people encouraged me to write for The Post

Even though my time at college has been unconventional, I would like to thank The Post for allowing me to express myself without trying to change who I am and supporting me. I am grateful for the people I have met and the friends I have made along the way. I also appreciate the learning experiences I have gained from working with The Post. Goodbye everyone and I hope y’all keep spilling the tea!

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