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KR&B artist DPR IAN (Photo provided by @dprian via Instagram).

Here are 10 KR&B songs that are perfect for spring

With April showers come May flowers. Although it may be a bit gray and gloomy at times, the sunshine has been peeking through, and the weather has been getting warmer. That means it’s time for some new music to visit the season. If you’re looking for a new genre, KR&B, Korean rhythm and blues, should be your next go-to.

KR&B encompasses other genres such as hip-hop, jazz and classic R&B to form its own distinct musical sound. KR&B also is believed to have influenced the K-Pop genre, as the sounds in both genres overlap. If you’re unsure where to start with KR&B or want some new songs for the spring, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 KR&B songs that are perfect for spring:

“Mayday” by Crush, JOY

A relatable song for the last stretch of classes and finals, “Mayday” is the embodiment of being in a daze and wishing for things to slow down. Featuring K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s member, Joy, both Joy and Crush have calm and soothing voices that’ll make you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. The two are also a couple, so it makes listening to the both of them sing even sweeter.

“zombie pop” by DPR IAN

“Zombie pop” may not have the lyrics of a springtime song, but the instrumentals and vibes of it are perfect for driving with the windows rolled down with a breeze blowing through. The jazz influences and light bouncy sound causes the listener to imagine themselves as the main character of their own movie. It’s the kind of song that feels like driving into the sunset with no cares in the world and feeling the need to escape.

“We don’t talk together” by HEIZE, GIRIBOY

“We don’t talk together” is another song where the lyrics don’t match the feeling of the instrumentals, as the track encompasses themes of complicated love and deciding whether or not to break up. HEIZE’s soft vocals contrast with GIRIBOY’s rougher rap and allows listeners to experience a push-and-pull effect that’s evident in the lyric’s story of wanting to continue being together despite knowing it won’t work out.

“Multiply” by WOODZ

If adoration and the feeling of a heart flutter was a song, it’d be “Multiply.” WOODZ sings about long distance and the heartache of being away from the one you love. However, instead of it being sad and a ballad, he goes the route of professing the positives of his lover. With lyrics such as “I love you a million times/Loving you multiplied,” and “Baby, it's you that makes me wanna wanna settle down (settle down),” it’s a romantic ode that’ll leave you blushing.

“Staycation” by Micah Yoo, Skim.Prod

A chill and relaxing song that embodies the title, “Staycation” almost has the first quarantine feeling where everyone was content inside with little to do. The “Staycation” that Yoo refers to though is the act of staying at home while his partner is away in a different time zone. It’s another long-distance love song, but “Staycation” embodies the vibe of texting one’s lover while laying in the sunshine.

“your love” by brb., Jimmy Bown

Sang by Singaporean trio, brb., the song depicts young love and feeling addicted to the person you like. In a way, the track feels like a simp anthem in the best way possible with lyrics like “Got me down on Friday/Now I’m up on Sunday/I’m already missing ya” and “Cut me open, I’ll be coming back for more.” Korean hip-hop singer Jimmy Brown is also featured on the track to add a new layer to the addictive melody.

“The Weekend” by 88rising, BIBI

Produced by 88Rising, the company home to artists such as Joji and Rich Brian, “The Weekend” features South Korean singer BIBI and is the epitome of BIBI’s musical image. Usually, with slightly darker KR&B tracks, BIBI typically sings about relationship issues such as flings and unreciprocated feelings. “The Weekend” is no exception, and instead of a happy springtime anthem, the song feels like walking home from a party alone on a warm spring night.

“My Friend” by CHUNG HA, pH-1

A feeling of friends-to-lovers, there’s an innocent and pure vibe with Chungha’s vocalization on simple piano and beats. The lyrics seem to be about one friend speaking to the other with one of them feeling down and the other wishing to know what’s wrong. pH-1 is also featured on the track, and his rapping breaks up the song to allow for it to be more conversational and realistic.

“Lately (Feat. Hoody)” by pH-1

“Lately” is the epitome of sunsets over the horizon in song form. “Lately” is more of a mellow and end-of-the-day kind of song about someone leaving your life and feeling incomplete without them. The lyrics cause an achy heart with lines like “I've been tripping up/And acting crazy/It's all because you left” and “All I'm left with are regrets, not memories.” South Korean singer, Hoody, sings the second verse and her gentle tone blends well with pH-1’s higher tone rap.

"Jam & Butterfly” by DPR Live, Crush, eaJ

The collaboration that KR&B fans didn’t know we needed. “Jam & Butterfly” features Crush and eaJ with addictive and sickeningly sweet vocals and instrumentals. Each artist gets to show off his own creativity and music style, as they share a beat that sends listeners to another dimension. The vibes of the song feel like cottage core meets EDM with lyrics about feeling intoxicated by the love of your love.


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