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6 TikTok trends to try out this spring

Spring is a time to reset after a long, cold winter. The sunny days and warmer air call for new habits to help you glow from within. TikTok is a great platform to find new tips and tricks for all things beauty and even for some delicious yet healthy recipes. While you are preparing for summer, don’t forget about the spring, and have fun with your look. This season, try out these six tricks that are trending on TikTok:

Hailey Bieber’s glowy skin recipe 

Glowy skin has been trending for a while now, and it can still be hard to achieve the fresh look of dewiness. Sometimes, your skin is too dry or the products you try may make you oily throughout the day. Hailey Bieber has come up with the perfect skin cocktail that will leave you glowy with the perfect amount of hydration and sun protection. 

To start, mix your daily moisturizer with some dew drops. The Drunk Elephant sunshine drops help to give your skin the sun-kissed look without going overboard. Next up, apply your favorite tinted sunscreen. Hailey uses Elta MD’s, but a cheaper alternative is from CeraVe, which you can find at your local Target. You can stop here or begin your makeup routine. Hailey finishes with some concealer, cheek tint and eyebrow gel. 


I tried to do my everyday day skin prep/get ready situation but I ran out of time. At the end I added a little cheek tint and brushed up my eyebrows??‍♀️

♬ Texas Sun - Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

Dyson dupe

Walmart’s version of the notorious Dyson Airwrap is saving bank accounts across the world. Similar to the Dyson, this cheaper alternative comes with five attachments and pretty much looks identical, down to the color and buttons. The viral hairstylist from TikTok @madeandtaylored took it upon herself to do an honest review of this hair dryer that is only $40.  

Taylor starts out by using some heat protectant, hair oil and volume spray. She then goes in with the blow dry attachment to rough dry her hair. She admits it isn’t the best blow dryer she has used and decides to finish drying with her personal hair dryer to make the process faster. Next, she uses the curling attachment on the bottom half of her hair and the round brush attachment on the top section. She then finishes with some texture spray and declares that, overall, her hair looks great, but it’s a long process. 

'90s blowout

If you don’t want to buy a new blow dryer, you can use your normal one to achieve the same '90s blowout. Either use a round brush with your blow dryer or one that has a round head/attachment. Start out with towel-dried hair. It should be damper than sopping wet. Next, use your normal hair treatments and oils that you use after showering. Make sure that you use a heat protectant all over before applying heat. 

Now, grab your blow dryer. Flip your head over and brush through your hair, away from your face. Once it is mostly dry, grab some volume spray and put it in your roots. Blow-dry your roots now. After this, section off your hair, and dry brush your hair, creating large waves. A tip is to wrap each section of hair around the brush and hold it on the cool setting, just like you would with the Dyson Airwrap. For your front pieces, blow dry each section away from your face at a 45-degree angle. Now, you have voluminous, bouncy hair that will last for days.

@savannahsbyrd 90s fluffy hair tutorial<3 aka the only way i style my hair lol #90shair #blowoututorial #fluffyhair ♬ Love Is Only a Feeling - Joey Bada$$

Spring outfits for every occasion

Transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring can be difficult, especially with the constant change in weather. Some days, it is sunny and warm while other days are cold and rainy. Whatever the occasion must be, it is important to have some spring staples so that you are prepared for any type of weather.

For going to class or to work out, throw on your favorite pair of leggings. Depending on the weather, a workout top or cropped zip-up match perfectly. If you are going out to lunch or have a more casual event to attend, these jeans from Beginning Boutique are the perfect wash and fit for everyone. A pastel top in your favorite shade and preferred style screams spring. 

On warmer days, floral dresses are coming back. Online stores like Princess Polly, Hello Molly and ASOS have a great selection. Lastly, if you don’t enjoy wearing colors or want to tone it down, leather pants are perfect for many occasions. You can wear a neutral baby tee for a casual look or a light neutral sweater or blouse for something more serious. 

Blush under the eyes

It may sound odd, but mixing blush with your concealer has become a new trend in the beauty world. Before you are turned away, just give it a try. Mixing a liquid blush with your concealer can actually help to cancel out the darkness you may have. Not to mention, it makes you look more sun-kissed and like you spent the day at the beach.

Start out by dotting your concealer underneath your eyes with one dot or half the amount of concealer, of liquid or cream blush. Blend it in how you normally would. You can even blend the product into your cheekbones and onto your eyelids. If you don’t own a liquid blush, you can blend your powder blush underneath the eyes after applying concealer. It makes you look more sun-kissed and awake, the perfect combination for warmer weather. 

Spring pizza

Pizza is such a versatile snack or meal. Making it at home is a fun way to engage with family and friends. Plus, you have the creative freedom to choose any toppings. A great way to ring in the springtime is to try out new recipes that are both tasty and good for you. The spring pizza that @theplatablelife on TikTok makes is oozing with color and makes your mouth water just by looking at it. 

Start out by stirring together ricotta cheese and some pesto. Next, spread it evenly over a pre-made or homemade dough, whichever you prefer. Add some shaved asparagus, sweet peas and prosciutto. Then, crack open a few eggs right onto your uncooked pizza, and throw it in the oven or even your air fryer. Garnish this beauty with lemon zest, cracked pepper and fresh arugula. As you bite into your pizza, all of these flavors will combine beautifully and leave you satisfied. 

@thepalatablelife it’s barely officially summer, but we’re making spring pizza! #pizza #spring #foodtiktok #easyrecipe #pizzatiktok ♬ original sound - thepalatablelife


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