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Where we love to eat, shop and be in Athens

Best place to study on campus?

Alyssa Cruz: Outside the Baker Ballroom! The windows overlooking the campus are beautiful and the spot is pretty secluded.

Grace Koennecke: My favorite place to study is Alden Library, preferably on the 6th or 7th floor. I really like this area because it's always quiet and you can see all of Athens just by looking out the window!

Katie Millard: I love to study on a picnic blanket on college green when it’s nice out! It feels less like studying when you're outside and I’m always more productive.

McKenna Christy: I only enjoy studying on the third and fourth floors of Alden Library. I can't study in complete silence and these floors of Alden are the perfect balance of loudness and quietness. 

Tate Raub: The Post’s newsroom or my desk at home because I feel comfortable there and there’s enough noise that I don't feel like I’m alone with my thoughts. 

Ashley Beach: In my hammock in the Convo parking lot because nobody goes over there and it feels like your own little world!

Anastasia Carter: Fourth floor of Alden is my favorite place to study because there are lots of windows to look out of and plenty of spaces to sit and work.

Alex Imwalle: I like to study in my room! It’s nice to be in a place that feels most comfortable, and I like to be alone to minimize distractions.

Mimi Calhoun: Alden fourth floor! It has a lot of natural light and is a pretty quiet environment with people still around.

What is the best place to grab coffee?

Cruz: Donkey — the staff is so kind, the drinks are great and the vibes are so cozy!

Koennecke: My favorite coffee shop is Donkey Coffee because it's so welcoming and cozy. Also, they play good music!

Millard: I think Brenen’s Coffee Cafe has the best iced caramel latte, and it’s right underneath my apartment so it’s super convenient. 

Christy: My favorite coffee shop on campus is The Front Room Coffeehouse in Baker Center. The baristas are always super nice and I can get my all time favorite drink, which happens to be Starbucks' Pink Drink!

Raub: Donkey Coffee because I like that they’re sustainable and ethically source their coffee, which I think tastes the best. The vibes in there are just a lot better too.

Beach: Court Street Coffee! So, so, so, so many options for decaf for a caffeine-sensitive person like me!

Calhoun: Donkey Coffee because the balcony is perfect for people watching and their iced vanilla chai can’t be beat.

Which dining hall is best? 

Cruz: Boyd! It has the best options and the most variety.

Koennecke: My favorite dining hall is Boyd because they usually have way healthier and better tasting food than Nelson.

Millard: Unpopular opinion but I love Nelson. There is always something to eat there and the seating makes much more sense. Also, brunch on weekends at Nelson is unmatched. 

Christy: Boyd is the obvious answer and I don't think it needs much more explanation. However, I will note that Boyd's food is fresher than Nelson.

Raub: Boyd because I feel like it’s easier to find a balance between what I’m craving and what’s healthy.

Beach: Boyd for the sheer amount of veggie options and the nectar of the gods – I mean queso – always serves.

Imwalle: Nelson is my favorite dining hall because it always has different options each day. It’s close to East and South Green dorms, so it is typically the most convenient as well!

Calhoun: A bit controversial but Nelson since it has homey food options and breakfast.

Where is the best place on Court Street to grab a bite to eat? 

Cruz: My favorite place to eat on Court is Ginger. The food is so good and satisfies all your cravings.

Koennecke: My favorite place to eat on Court at the moment is probably Fusion Noodle Company. I just think it's the best Asian food near campus compared to the other restaurants Athens has.

Millard: Bagel Street Deli is a classic option, and I love that there is something for anyone at any time of day. Plus, who doesn’t love bagels?

Christy: My favorite place to eat on Court Street is Ginger. When I have a busy day, I always look forward to eating at Ginger because the food is filling and delicious.

Raub: Ginger or Bagel Street Deli, depending on the day. Both are affordable, filling and just so good.

Beach: Brenen’s, because there is no where else in Athens to get a cheap, true sandwich and all sandwiches come with a side!

Carter: It isn't on Court Street, but it's close enough. Restaurant Salaam is by far my favorite place to eat in Athens. There are not many Mediterranean food options in Athens, but Restaurant Salaam always gets it right.

Imwalle: I love Courtside Pizza because it is always so easy to stop in and order. Anytime you’re out on Court Street it is the ideal option for an inexpensive, quality piece of pizza.

Calhoun: Mr. Hibachi, as it has great quality sushi and hibachi.

Where is the best place to shop on Court Street? 

Koennecke: My favorite place to shop on Court is definitely Little Professor Book Store since they have all of my books I usually need for classes, and they also just have a great selection of books to choose from.

Millard: There is a Family Dollar at the end of Court Street that I frequent way too much. They always have great deals, and I like the walk!

Christy: I love shopping at 10 West Clothing Co. They always have the best spirit wear for all of OU's festivities and occasions. Their clothes are sold at reasonable prices too!

Raub: Based on how many sweatshirts and t-shirts I have from there, probably College Bookstore. There’s a lot to choose from and the $7.77 shirts and $18.04 sweatshirts have never let me down.

Beach: UPTOWN COSTUMES. They have everything you could ever need for a decent price!

Calhoun: The College Bookstore because it has literally anything and everything you could need.

What is something you wish you had known about sooner as a freshman? 

Cruz: Do not stress out about making friends! Just be yourself and the right people will come your way.

Koennecke: I wish I would've known about Strouds Park sooner, as I only went once and it was my last weekend in Athens. It's so pretty and a really good place to relax!

Millard: Join anything and everything that interests you! It’s the easiest way to make friends, and then you have things to do outside of class, studying and hanging around. For example: join The Post!

Christy: I wish I had known that you don't need to rush your friendships. Good people will come into your life if you allow them to! I have met amazing people who I consider my best friends and I just took my time to get to know them!

Raub: Just be kind to yourself. You can start to feel like you’re drowning in work or you don’t have enough friends yet in the beginning and I wish I had started telling myself to relax a lot earlier because I stressed myself out over making sure I was doing college the “right” way.

Beach: the Glidden Hall elevator is always open … made walking back from my parking spot so much easier.

Calhoun: The Glidden Elevator in the music building. It saves you some walks up Jeff Hill.

Which is the best green on campus? 

Cruz: The best green is College Green! It's right in the hub of things, and it's the best place to bring a picnic blanket and relax.

Koennecke: My favorite green is by far OU's color green! It matches with most things and I think it flows well with the campus too.

Millard: I have always lived on East Green, so it has a special place in my heart. Plus, it’s like its own community and the shade of the hill always makes it a nice temperature. 

Christy: This is a hard question but my favorite green is either South Green or West Green. Both of them are their own little communities and they make campus feel like one big home.

Raub: College Green because it is just so pretty and I lived in Bryan Hall this past year, sophomore year, and it was so nice to be so close to everything while also getting to walk by College Green every day.

Beach: I’m a North Green/College Green stan because it is the prettiest part of campus.

Carter: East Green because I lived there for two years, and also the aesthetic of the old Ohio University seems to remain in the buildings there.

Calhoun: East Green! It’s super cozy since the buildings are pretty close to one another, and there’s almost somebody always out on the lawn space.

What is your favorite thing about Athens? 

Cruz: My favorite thing about Athens is the people. The community is so tight knit and everyone is here to help each other.

Koennecke: My favorite thing about Athens is how nice everyone is. Everyone on campus is always willing to help you and always allows you to be yourself!

Millard: There is such a welcoming, warm feeling to the place and to the people. Everyone is inviting and kind, and I always feel at home here. 

Christy: There is always something happening in Athens (get it). I love how there's always something to go out and do on campus. Also, the scenery of Athens is another favorite of mine. It's hard to pick just one!

Raub: I’ve heard alumni and other students say this before I came here but there is just a certain vibe to this place that I can’t quite put my finger on. The closest thing would be that you feel like you’re home every time you come back.

Beach: I have never felt like I didn’t belong. There’s something for everyone and you’ll find your niche before you know it. Whether that be a student org, or the Stephen's basement, you’ll find your place!

Carter: My favorite thing about Athens is the people because there are so many students who come from all over, but also a mix of natives who have lived here longer. Regardless, all of the people have a genuine joy in their hearts for being in Athens.

Imwalle: Athens is the perfect size! It is big enough so you can always meet new people, but you can also count on seeing at least one person you are familiar with whenever you go out!

Calhoun: Athens allowed me to meet some of my best friends who I can’t imagine not having in my life.

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