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Here’s what your alcoholic drink of choice says about you

Ah, how nice it feels to walk excitedly up and down Court Street, entering your favorite bars and debriefing with friends after a long, stressful week of classes, assignments and club meetings. As you squeeze into a worn-down booth, it hits you: you seriously need a drink.

All college students have a particular drink in mind when it comes to having a good time. Some prefer shots, while others like sipping on mixed drinks. Some just want to crack open a cold one with the boys and some enjoy the crisp taste of a seltzer.

With all this in mind, here’s what your alcoholic drink of choice says about you:

Dirty Shirley

You are fun and flirtatious, living life somewhat on the edge by getting a double Dirty Shirley. You are sweet, enjoy the simple things in life and aren’t too particular about your weekend plans. You sometimes get caught up in simplicity, afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you always remain in touch with your passions and interests. Overall, everyone loves you and you’re a classic.

Sex on the Beach

Frisky, flamboyant and fresh is what you are. You take risks and aren’t afraid of the cost. You’re here for a good time, maybe not a long time, and you embrace your youth. You love sweet drinks and hate the taste of beer. You go out on the weekends to go a little crazy, spending too much money by the time Sunday rolls around, but you say it’s worth it. Basically, you don’t care at the end of the day what happens, as long as you have a drink in your hand.


You definitely pack a punch. While you’re sweet to most, you can be brutally honest and abrasive when you want to be, especially if someone underestimates you. You love attention, but this sometimes pulls you into the center of someone’s drama. Yet, you always find a way out of it and you thrive in the long run. You are an individualist and are 100% confident in who you are, so don’t change!


You’re crazy and always hyped up off some kind of energy drink. You probably don’t sleep and you love to party. You probably go out every night of the week and will drink anything that someone puts in front of you. You’re a go-with-the-flow type of person, but also will be seen drunkenly running away from your friends at the end of the night. Basically, don’t overdo it. You’re fabulous but also sometimes need reassurance.

Green tea shot

You are zen, but surprise people in unexpected ways. You welcome everyone and promote kindness and positivity. While people think you’re a stoner, you’re actually studious and driven, but very laid-back and humble about your abilities. You don’t like all the attention on you, but love to make others feel good about themselves. Ultimately, you could probably be the physical reincarnation of Gandhi, but you’re too shy to admit it.

Rum and Coke

You are sophisticated, a scholar as some may say. You definitely only go out once or twice a week, and that’s okay! You constantly are raising the bar, always getting ahead in school and making sure your academics come first before a fun night out. You definitely are a workaholic, though, and don’t always prioritize your mental health. All in all, you sometimes need to let your wild side out and take a much deserved break from all the stress in your life.

High Noon

When it comes to drinking, you hate sweet stuff. You like simplicity, and a High Noon is all you need to get that buzz going. You’re probably an upperclassmen, far more mature than the freshmen who wander Court Street. You are wise beyond your years and pride yourself in focusing on your future goals. While you don’t always like to go out, when with the right group of people, you always manage to have a good time.


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