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Here’s what your favorite lunch spot on campus says about you

Lunchtime is crucial at Ohio University, especially for students with hectic schedules. By the middle of the day, you’re tired and hungry and need an energy boost. 

With Court Street’s vast amount of lunch spots, there’s something for everyone on campus. Here’s what your favorite lunch spot says about you.


You live for a coffee shop moment, especially as fall is in full swing. You’re a huge fan of paninis and the salty crunch of potato chips and love the atmosphere of Brenen’s. You tend to choose this place as it’s right at the beginning of Court Street, and you’re usually found there studying or working on an assignment while packing in some incredible flavors.


Man, you can eat a lot for lunch. For you, lunch is your biggest meal of the day. You always have to tell the Chipotle workers to add more to your bowl or burrito out of pure hunger, and you stick to your guns. You like things to be speedy and efficient, as you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and enjoy your meal. You’re always running around campus and obviously have a thing for Mexican food.

Fluff Bakery

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, Fluff Bakery is the lunch spot you always resort to. Even though it’s a bit of a walk down Court Street, you think it’s worth it. You’re also a huge fan of breakfast food and can likely be seen downing a BBQ Tofu Burrito and a coffee. You enjoy simplicity and take care of yourself more than the average student, always prioritizing your energy before diving headfirst into a busy day.

Pita Pit

You love a well-rolled pita every now and then and don’t care if you have to walk toward the end of Court Street to get one. You’re a go-with-the-flow, carefree person and always in a good mood. You are even friendly to the Pita Pit workers, appreciative of their time and effort during the usual hectic lunch hour on campus. Overall, you sound like a sweetheart, and everyone loves your lighthearted nature.

West 82

You hate the busyness of Court Street and would much rather enjoy a wrap or chicken tender meal in Baker Center. You love staying on campus and not having to go out of your way to enjoy your favorite foods. You are sometimes lazy, but overall you don’t like wasting your time on the little things. You are quiet and contemplative, but you like to eat in the company of others as long as you’re not overstimulated.

Firdous Express 

You’re a huge fan of Mediterranean food, and Firdous Express is the closest thing to easing your lunchtime cravings. You love going here because you can get a Mediterranean bowl and then walk right across the room to grab your favorite Bubble Tea creation from Bubbles Tea Company. Basically, you love the convenience and don’t like taking up too much of your day to figure out what you want to eat for lunch.

Mr. Hibachi

You’re willing to wait for a good meal. You also love Asian cuisine and are a huge fan of chicken fried rice. You definitely eat slowly, savor every bite and enjoy relaxing during your lunch break. You have a lot of time on your hands and tend to enjoy the walk down Court Street. You put your passions before your work, which sometimes works out well for you, but also leads you to procrastinate.

Boyd or Nelson 

You save your money and aren’t ashamed to go all in on some dining hall food. You also may be broke from spending all your money within the first month of the semester, but hey, it happens. You don’t mind the long lines or the lack of healthy options, and you’re a sucker for the soft-serve frozen yogurt machine.


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