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Olumide Adelodun poses for a portrait in the Vernon Basketball Suite in The Convo.

Men's Basketball: Get to know Olumide Adelodun

Ohio is undergoing a serious youth movement this season with a roster full of freshmen and inexperienced players.

One of the more interesting parts of that movement is Olumide Adelodun, a sophomore from Calgary, Canada, who played in a decent number of Ohio’s Mid-American Conference games last year.

While he has been in and out of the rotation this season, he has already played almost twice as many minutes as he did last year and has shown some potential as a future role player for the Bobcats.

Before the Bobcats had their winter break, The Post talked to Adelodun about his favorite video games, Ohio’s summer trip to Spain and how it felt to finally get the season started after a long offseason.

The Post: The first thing I’ve been asking everybody is when you guys are on trips, what are three things that you always need to have?

Adelodun: I gotta have melatonin, because I don’t sleep that well, my computer and headphones.

TP: On your computer, what are you mostly doing?

Adelodun: Watching Netflix, YouTube, all that.

TP: And what are some shows you’ve been watching recently?

Adelodun: I just watched something called The Watcher on Netflix and that was really good. And then I just watch my favorite YouTubers, they play NBA2K and stuff.

TP: So, are you a big gamer?

Adelodun: Yeah, 2K and Madden mostly.

TP: Do you play 2K with your teammates?

Adelodun: Oh no, I’m in a different dorm than them, but if I played them, I’d beat them.

TP: So who’s your favorite team to use in 2K?

Adelodun: The Lakers, because of LeBron (James).

TP: Are you a big LeBron fan?

Adelodun: Yeah.

TP: You mentioned your headphones, is that mostly to watch TV shows or do you listen to music or podcasts?

Adelodun: I listen to music all the time.

TP: What do you like to listen to?

Adelodun: Rap, and some R&B.

TP: Who’s your favorite artist?

Adelodun: Honestly, Lil’ Baby.

TP: Something I’ve talked to other guys about is their shoes. Obviously, you guys are Adidas here, but what are your favorite shoes to wear?

Adelodun: Any Kobes. I really wish we were Nike, any Kobe is perfect for me.

TP: You mentioned video games, but are there any other hobbies you have?

Adelodun: I love playing chess. I play against Coach (Jake) Ness sometimes, but I love playing chess.

TP: Is that something that you’ve done for a long time?

Adelodun: Yeah, my whole life. I was at chess club when I was in grade eight, but it’s just something I do when I’m bored.

TP: You guys took a trip to Spain over the summer, what was your favorite part of that?

Adelodun: Just getting closer with everyone, because we had a pretty new team. That trip helped us all buy in.

TP: And what’s been your favorite part of finally getting the season started over the last few weeks?

Adelodun: Playing. Last year I didn’t get to play as much, but I’ve been getting to play now and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do.


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