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Fresh Finds Friday: Lizzo teams with SZA on “Special” remix; Paramore explores Time in “Running Out of Time”; Rebecca Black releases her Debut album “Let Her Burn”

Happy Friday, Bobcats. Another week has come and gone, and you know what the best part of my week is? Listening to new music. It's always good to hear some new tunes throughout the week and going into the weekend. 

While everyone has their favorite genre of music, we've made a playlist that will appeal to any mood or preference. Below are new songs that are perfect for walking to class, working out at the gym, sitting around in your dorm or cranking out those last-minute papers. Here are five new songs to get you through the week:

"Running Out of Time" by Paramore

It's insane to think Paramore has been with us for almost 20 years; with that title coming into fruition, Paramore released their most recent single, "Running Out Of Time." The title hints about exploring time, but through a different lens, in this instance, being time management skills. Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, said this about the song: "Oh, it'd be really funny to roast myself for how disorganized I am and how it impacts my everyday life," according to a genius report. "Running Out of Time" is a part of the new album "This Is Why," which marks the sixth studio album to date released by the group.

“Special” by Lizzo, SZA

Lizzo has been killing the music industry as of late, recently winning Record of the Year at the 2023 Grammys for her smash hit "About Damn Time," which also was performed at the Grammys. Now she teams up with R&B legend SZA to remix a previous song, "Special," which initially appeared on Lizzo's album "Special." On this edition of the song, however, we get the smooth vocals SZA is known for right away, putting her spin on the first verse's lyrics: "Woke up this morning to somebody judging me / No surprise they're judging me. You can Stream both songs on all music platforms and see which iteration you like better."

"Good News" by Bakar

Most people know Bakar from "Hell n Back" or from another Fresh Finds article. Regardless, a year on since the release of that album, and a few singles in between, Bakar is back with his new single "Good News." This seems almost as a juxtaposition between this and his sophomore album "Nobody Home," in which he was still grasping and finding his identity and now seems to have found it in a lover. Heard here through the lyrics: "All along I was feelin' nothing' TIll you came along, I started feelin' something." 

"Amnesia" by M83

The French electronic producer M83 is the artist you'll mention in conversation with people, and they will swear they've never heard of them; then you tell them to listen to "Midnight City," and then they'll immediately remember his music from the 2010s. Now returning with his new single "Amnesia," he continues the trend of towering synths and ethereal melodies with the same ole lyrical sentiment: "I believe in the darkness/It's just a sound I'm in love with some sadness/It's just a sound." Amnesia will be a part of M83's upcoming LP "FantasyLP," billed to release on March 17.

"Let Her Burn" by Rebecca Black

Speaking of 2010s music, we have another 2010s artist Rebecca Black known for her hit single "Friday," which was released in 2011 when she was 13 years old and back when songs gained popularity on Youtube, not TikTok. Now returning to the limelight with her new album "Let Her Burn," all are fueled with electric rage from pop ballads to dance songs, all channeling dark emotions on "Misery Loves Company" to diving into trauma in "Destroy Me." This is her debut album and is the beginning of a new era for her music.


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