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Culture staff spills about their Spring Breaks

What did you do over Spring Break?

Kylie Bridgeman: I took a trip to Chicago and then spent time at home in Cincinnati. 

Sophia Rooksberry: I went home and caught up on lots of sleep.

Isabella Pedrera: I got a viral upper respiratory infection.

Alyssa Cruz: I went to Quito, Ecuador!

Abby Jenkins: I lay in bed with no guilt (much needed).

McKenna Christy: I spent time with my family and got some much-needed rest.

Katie Millard: I went to New York City with The Post and after I was able to relax at home.

What was your favorite part of Spring Break?

Bridgeman: A spray paint/graffiti class in Chicago.

Rooksberry: My favorite part of break was spending time with my family and pets.

Pedrera: The two days I was not sick.

Cruz: My favorite part of break was exploring the city and learning about the different cultures present. 

Jenkins: I live-streamed opening night for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Christy: I went to COSI with some friends and it was a lot of fun to revisit exhibits I went to when I was younger.

Millard: I went to a Broadway show and it was amazing.

What was the best food you ate?

Bridgeman: Birria tacos from a local Chicago restaurant.

Rooksberry: I got to eat my mom’s pierogies for the first time in a while, which was definitely the culinary highlight of my week. 

Pedrera: Curry!

Cruz: The best food I ate was definitely jugo de naranjilla, which is sort of like orange juice but super sweet and refreshing.

Jenkins: Sushi!

Christy: I had Shake Shack and it was great!

Millard: I got to have my favorite pasta dish, carbonara, that my mom makes. I can never replicate it here.

Who did you spend Spring Break with?

Bridgeman: Friends from high school and my family.

Rooksberry: I spend my Spring Break with my family and a friend from school.

Pedrera: My family.

Cruz: I spent Spring break with Comciencia, a team dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. I was also able to experience Quito with Ms. Managing Editor, Kayla Bennett. 

Jenkins: My family, a couple of friends and my boyfriend.

Christy: I spent Spring Break with my family and friends.

Millard: My family, my friends and my dog, Raleigh. 

What is your all-time favorite Spring Break memory?

Rooksberry: My favorite Spring Break memory was going down to Florida to visit my grandparents and going to the beach with them. 

Pedrera: When I went to New Orleans.

Cruz: My favorite Spring Break memory is having the opportunity to travel to the center of the world and experience what it’s like to be on the equator. 

Jenkins: Going to Chicago for the Club Volleyball National Qualifier. 

Christy: My favorite Spring Break memory is when I went to San Diego and explored with close friends. 

Millard: My family always used to go to the same little hotel on the beach every Spring Break, and it’s still really special to me.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of Spring Semester?

Bridgeman: Warmer weather.

Rooksberry: I’m looking forward to the weather getting warmer and seeing the cherry blossoms in Athens.

Pedrera: Fest season!

Cruz: The thing I am most looking forward to about Spring Semester is spending time with my friends and enjoying the nice weather. 

Jenkins: Nice weather! We got snow in Cleveland over break. 

Christy: I am looking forward to the weather being more consistently warm.

Millard: Warm weather, fest season and The Post’s alumni reunion. 


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