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Here’s 10 self-care ideas for college students on a budget

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be free! Taking a few minutes out of your day to take care of yourself has priceless effects. Keep reading to learn more about the 10 best self-care tips that won’t break the bank.


I know you have probably heard it before, but meditation can bring a sense of serenity to your mind and body. It can also help with stress and anxiety by focusing your attention on something calming. If you’re new at this, guided meditation can be great.

Read a book

Reading is not only enjoyable, but it’s good for you. It’s also a good chance to unplug from the constant notifications and texts. Whether it is before bed, during an afternoon break, or first thing in the morning, fit in some well-deserved time to sit back with a good book.

Listen to music

Music is one of the best self-care activities; it allows you to zone out and can elevate your mood and reduce stress. Studies also show it can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Create a new habit

Creating a new habit doesn’t have to be super extreme. It can be as simple as making your bed every morning. I know making your bed can be a pain, however, doing it first thing in the morning means one small win before you start your day and will motivate you to keep making those wins.


A clean space is a clean mind. Put on your favorite music and go through “the chair” with all the clothes on it … you know what I’m talking about. See how much better you feel after.

Go through your social media

When was the last time you went through your social media to remove any toxicity or unfollow people or brands that no longer serve you a purpose? Don’t feel bad about it! Instead, fill your feeds with people and posts that inspire you and spark joy in your life.


This one is my favorite because you can do it while being lazy in your bed! Stretching gives you a chance to take a moment for yourself, and release the tension in your muscles. It has also been shown to increase serotonin levels.


It doesn’t have to be extensive or vary from your day-to-day routine, but taking some time out of your day to be intentional with your skin care can make you feel beautiful and remind you that your skin is an organ that deserves to be taken care of too.

Create a vision board

The best way to do this is to pop over to Pinterest and pin some photos that make you feel inspired. With spring on the way, now is a great time for a spring mood board that symbolizes a time for new beginnings.


It might not seem like a form of self-care, but it is! Allowing yourself to take the downtime to binge-watch your favorite shows is one of the best things you can do for your mind. Grab a snack and watch a new show or one of your old favorites!


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