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A ranking of all the dorms at Ohio University

When going off to college, most students pray that they end up in a decent dorm, especially when attending Ohio’s oldest college. Although Ohio University has a lot of options when it comes to on-campus living, there are definitely dorms that stick out for their modernness and accessibility when compared to others.

There are three sections, known as greens, that students can live on during their freshman and sophomore years. The greens in question: East, West and South. If you’re curious to see which green you may be placed on, below is a ranking of all the dorms at OU:

East Green

14. Perkins Hall

If you’re living in Perkins Hall, I’m so sorry for you. This is arguably one of the most infamous dorms on campus, with supposedly bad air conditioning. Living here is the furthest you’ll get from luxury, especially as this dorm has not had many updates to it for several years. Yet, you are still on East Green, which is a beautiful setting even if placed in a not-so-great dorm.

13. Read Hall

Read Hall is pretty irrelevant on East Green, so if you get placed here, you may also experience a lack of accommodations and modernity. Luckily, it’s pretty close to Nelson Court, which is one of the major dining halls on campus.

12. Tiffin Hall

Similar to Read Hall, Tiffin Hall is not necessarily a bad dorm, but just doesn’t compare to some of the more luxurious dorms on East Green. It’s also close to South Green but can be a far hike if your classes are on the west side of campus. Also, you do have to walk up Morton Hill to get just about anywhere.

11. Voigt Hall

Voigt Hall is a female-only dorm, so this may be a great fit for you if you don’t feel comfortable living in a co-ed dorm. Yet, its weird location can make it harder for students to mingle with others nearby, especially as it’s closer to College Green than any of the other dorm locations.

10. 4 University Terrace

Likewise, 4 University Terrace is also in a weird spot on campus, but saves you from having to walk up Jeff or Morton Hill on a daily basis. With only double and triple rooms, you’re also more likely to share a room with more people as well. However, you are closer to Court Street and Alden Library.

9. Bryan Hall

Usually, sophomores tend to live in Bryan Hall, but you could be placed here as a freshman. Right across the street from Ellis Hall, this is the prime location for English and creative writing majors. However, it’s pretty far from the west side of campus as well.

8. Lincoln Hall

Closer to the music and education buildings, Lincoln Hall is ranked higher because of its dorm options, including singles, doubles, triples and even quads for students. There’s also air conditioning and an elevator, which many dorms on East Green don’t have.

7. Washington Hall

If you’re a part of the Honors Tutorial College on campus, you’re most likely going to live in Washington Hall. Although there’s no elevator in this building, it’s super close to Jefferson Market and Nelson Court when you’re in a time crunch. It does need some updating, but its old, historical feel is what makes it stand out.

6. Bush Hall

Built in 1954, Bush Hall was completely renovated in 2013. This is a substance-free dorm on campus, which students should keep in mind when picking a dorm. However, it has many amenities such as study areas, an elevator and multi-occupancy rooms. 

5. Biddle Hall

You can’t go wrong with Biddle Hall, especially since its convenient location allows students to grab their mail, groceries and hang out with friends every single day. Living here means you get one of the more peaceful and beautiful spots on campus, as you can find students hammocking or sitting out with friends on warm days.

4. Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is right next to Jefferson Market, less than a five-minute walk to grab a quick meal or groceries on a regular basis. Also, there are only three floors within the dorm, so you won’t have to climb too many stairs compared to other buildings on campus. While it has an older feel, you’ll fall in love with its accessible rooms and moveable furniture in an instant.

3. Gamertsfelder Hall 

Gamertsfelder Hall has undergone numerous renovations, making it one of the best new spots to live on campus. Since it’s newly renovated, students will have access to air conditioning, study rooms, electronics and wireless internet. Because of its makeover, this dorm will probably be the most in-demand hall.

2. Shively Hall

Don’t worry, Shively Hall is no longer known as the COVID-19 testing center, but instead will be adding in the reimagined dining hall that was once there years ago. Along with laundry services inside, students will be able to just walk downstairs to enjoy any meal of the day, as well as see their friends instantly. 

1. Jefferson Hall

Lastly, it’s well-known that everyone wants to live in Jefferson Hall during their freshman year, mostly because of how new it is. It also has the beloved Jefferson Market on the first floor, as well as laundry services, making it a game-changer for students with busy schedules. It’s also not far from Court Street, which is ideal for students who are always out of their dorm.

West Green

8. Convocation Center

Even though the Convocation Center is known for hosting a variety of sporting events on campus, its distance away from actual classrooms and food vendors is what makes it the worst place to live. Although, you are just minutes away from Boyd Hall, which contains a dining hall inside.

7. Sargent Hall

The inside of this dorm literally looks like a prison, extremely out of date and not fit for an ideal long-term stay on campus. It’s a good location though if you are in the STEM field, as most of your classes will probably be under a five-minute walk from Sargent Hall.

6. Treudley Hall

Treudley Hall is not widely talked about on campus, but it has a great range of room options and amenities. Much of the furniture in this dorm is also provided, making the moving process a lot smoother for new students.

4. James Hall

This dorm usually hosts the student-athletes, so if you’re one of them this is the place you’ll be living all year. Close to all the athletic fields and right next to Boyd Hall, James Hall is perfect for students trying to balance extracurriculars throughout the year. Beware though, apparently, this dorm is haunted.

3. Boyd Hall

Boyd Hall is ideal for people who like convenience. Holding both a dining hall and a market inside, this dorm will help you avoid long lines during breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as stocking up on food with ease during the year.

2. Ryors Hall

Renovated in 2019, Ryors Hall is another most-wanted dorm on campus for its new features. Garage parking is also available for this dorm for students with cars. Additionally, if you’re looking for a nicer place on West Green, this dorm will ensure you’re staying in cleaner, more up-to-date rooms.

1. Bromley Hall

Many new students may not realize that Bromley Hall was once a hotel, close to Court Street and College Green. With nine floors, this dorm has a lot of space for singles, doubles and triples, but usually sophomores stay there. This hall is ranked so high because of its easy walking distance, allowing one to walk to any building on campus efficiently.

South Green

14. Wray House

Practically hidden from the rest of campus, Wray House is a bad location in general, with only easy walking distance to Nelson Court. If you get placed here, get ready for long walks and inadequate room conditions, as well as constant fire alarms.

13. True House

Identical to Wray House, True House is another hidden dorm that hinders students from being truly on campus at OU. Although there are a lot of parking options around, it doesn’t provide students with many amenities, nor is it very accessible.

12. Dougan House

Like Wray and True House, this dorm is nothing special either. Basically, just avoid being in Dougan House if you’re someone with a packed schedule this school year.

11. Ewing House

Sadly, Ewing House is almost identical in terms of amenities and accessibility for students. Only holding singles and doubles, this dorm is not the best fit if you want more than one roommate. Yet, there is an elevator and recreation room, so it’s overall not the worst out of the “houses” on South Green.

10. Hoover House

Hoover House also has an elevator, but only offers singles and doubles for students. Sadly, beds can’t be bunked in Hoover House either, so this could hinder your room setup. However, it does house students who are a part of the LGBT and Gender Inclusive Housing Residential Living Experience.

9. Brown Hall

The unique aspect of Brown Hall is that it faces a basketball and volleyball court, which may be your cup of tea if you enjoy being outside or like sports. Additionally, the dorm has a laundry mat already within it, making it easier for one to get their laundry done during the day. Unfortunately, this residence hall is still pretty far from campus, though. It is, however, a social dorm, along with the next three halls listed. They are also known as the “front four.”

8. Mackinnon Hall

Mackinnon Hall is also a far distance, but not as far as the previously mentioned dorms on South Green. With a range of room sizes and decent amenities, this dorm will get you through the year, even if it is a little outdated. It’s also very close to Nelson Court to grab food with friends.

7. Pickering Hall

Gender-inclusive options are available in Pickering Hall. It’s also right by Nelson Court and the mail room on South Green. While it’s also a far distance from the more populated areas of campus, it still provides students with the essentials.

6. Crawford Hall

Crawford Hall is practically right next to Nelson Court but is known for having many fire drills throughout the year. If you don’t like noise, then this dorm may give you some trouble from time to time. Luckily, it’s right next to buildings such as Morton Hall, which is nice for students in their first or second year.

5. Adams Hall

This dorm is relatively new, as it was built in 2007. Adams Hall houses the Transfer Student Living Community, but also freshmen and sophomores. Containing suite-style rooms, this dorm is also a favorite because it’s close to Ping Recreation Center, as well as the Convocation Center.

4. Tanaka Hall

Built in 2015, Tanaka Hall is perfect for sophomores to live in, as all of its rooms are suite-style as well. With elevators and laundry service inside, students love the luxuries that come with living in this dorm. 

3. Luchs Hall

Luchs Hall is right next to Tanaka Hall, also built in 2015. It also has suite-style rooms, easy accessibility to Ping Recreation Center and isn’t a far walk to get to the chemistry buildings and Baker Center nearby.

2. Sowle Hall

Sowle Hall also has the same format as Luchs and Tanaka Hall, including other amenities such as kitchens, elevators, study areas and electronic access. It’s a bit closer to the gym and STEM-related buildings, as well as Emeriti Park. 

1. Carr Hall

Carr Hall is ranked number one for its overall placement on South Green, being the quickest walk to East and South Green. While it also usually contains more sophomores, it’s always filled up the fastest for having the same luxuries as Sowle, Luchs and Tanaka Hall. It’s also less than a five-minute walk to go to Nelson Court.


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