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Here’s what to pack for dorm life

Moving into your freshman dorm is exciting. It’s likely your first time living away from home, away from your parents and completely independent in terms of regulating your life. However, that means you are responsible for almost every facet of your new life, which also means you have to be well-equipped to do so.

Shower shoes

You’ve heard the stories. Communal bathrooms are gross, and everyone knows a story about a friend or a friend of a friend who got foot fungus from not wearing their shower shoes. Even a simple pair of flip-flops from the dollar store or an old pair of Crocs will prevent you from enduring this same fate. 


I can’t stress this enough. It will rain. You are not going to want to be caught in the rain without an umbrella and sit through a class while soaking wet or have to run back to your dorm completely drenched. 


Even though you are going to be moving out at the end of the year, don’t let this deter you from making your dorm your own. Hang up those posters and tapestries, set up those plants on your window sill, get those neon signs up on your wall and put up your LED strip lights. Just make sure you have a plan to get them off without destroying the paint on the walls. 

Collapsible items

Collapsible items will make moving in and out of your dorm a lot easier. Collapsible storage boxes can also be set up under your bed to save space in your very likely-to-be crowded dorm. Furthermore, I have been using a collapsible hamper since my freshman year, and it has made my life so much easier than if I had been using a laundry basket or a regular wooden hamper to haul my clothes down to the laundry room. 

Over-the-counter medications

There’s no getting around it. Unless you have an impossibly perfect immune system, you’re going to get sick at some point. The worst part is, over-the-counter medications can be expensive, and you’re not going to feel like going out to get them if you’re sick in bed with whatever strain of the common cold that is floating around your residence hall. So, make sure to stock up on common medications like cold and flu meds, pain relievers and allergy medications prior to moving in. 

Cold weather gear

The temperature in Athens can start dipping into the 40s as early as October. Therefore, you’re not going to want to be stuck going to class in three layers of sweatshirts because you forgot to bring a warm jacket, nor are you going to want to go out and spend money on a new jacket to make it through the winter. Plus, Athens gets its fair share of snow and ice, and a pair of Vans isn’t going to be adequate for dealing with it. So, bring the boots and the jacket with you on move-in day. 


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