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Post Column: Gamer Girl: Video-game marketing pigeonholes women

It’s hard out here for a girl gamer. You walk into a Game Stop perusing for yourself and are instantly ogled like the rarest Pokémon. Yes, boys, some girls do like to play video games. We want to be badass superheroes and villains, too. We want to wield the weapons you can. We especially want to kick your butt in your favorite game when we can. And sometimes we even like to play Madden.

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Post Column: Extra Point: NCAA bowl system has problems playoffs won't solve

In recent years, the absence of a playoff system in college football has generated controversy from analysts and sports fans throughout the country. People felt that smaller programs such as Boise State or Northern Illinois were not being given the recognition that their almost blemish-free records had indicated. To put it simply, schools like those have no chance in a national championship because they do not fall under the category of a “big-name program.”

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Post Column: Reluctant columnist returns to unpaid gig

The door of the cabin creaked open, and from my spot in the shadows I narrowed my eyes at the intruder who stepped through its frame. I knew him immediately: that sinister build, those piercing eyes. “It’s been a long time, Vido,” I growled. “If you’re here for the money, I already spent it. Tell your mother I said thanks.”

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Post Column: Open mic participants show courage, humor

I like to think I am a pretty funny guy. When people laugh at me, I assume it was because I said something funny and not because I am dressed like a hobo who is wearing clothes that look like they got ran over by a lawn mower (my washing machine is a jerk).

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Post Column: When killing stereotypes, aim for the head

The sound of gunfire still echoed in my ears as our group crept through the woods, leaving the chaos of Woodbury behind us. When the dead had begun to rise and our world crumbled around us, we had thought zombies Walkers™ would be our biggest concern. But it turns out we had much more to fear from the living — for in the end, we’ve realized Man is the real monster (the undead cannibals are still kind of a problem, though).

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Exploring a new niche requires a world of jargon

As the longest semester that ever was nears its close, I also near the end of my adventure as an outside observer of the sports world. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my journey, it’s the importance of context.

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