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Chuck's Collegiate Politics: The importance of voting and seeing Former President Bill Clinton speak

It isn’t every day that a former president comes to Ohio University’s campus. Mostly because we aren’t a campus in D.C., but that isn’t really what I’m getting at.

Former president Bill Clinton will be coming to campaign for his wife, Hillary, on Tuesday, which is a pretty big deal. “Doors open" on College Green around 10:30 a.m. and the event begins at 11:15 a.m. I really want to advise every student to go and see former president Clinton speak regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum.

Every time you get on Twitter, you see someone tweet about how important this election is. No really, like, voting is important and we are very fortunate to live in a country that gives us that right. 

Anywho, odds are that if you are on Twitter, your liberal friends are tweeting about the importance of voting because of their endless hate of Trump. If you’re on Facebook, it is likely your conservative uncle is using all caps to talk about how Hillary should be in jail — despite the fact your uncle probably does not know how to send an email himself.

That within itself really shows how polarizing the candidates we have are and it’s important to actually know who you want to vote for and actually get out there and vote. You'll hear a lot about how Hillary sucks and how Trump sucks, so take the time to learn to like one of them and vote. Heck, if you hate either them take a look at Jill Stein of the Green Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.

Former President Bill Clinton may not be Hillary, but he is going to come and talk up his wife as much as he can. Go and listen to what he has to say and swoon over Hillary or go and protest alongside the College Republicans as their club president said they were earlier in the week.

Skip class for this. My dad is expecting me to as I grew up in house that was rooted in liberalism. Feel what it’s like to be in the presence of one of the most influential and controversial presidents in recent history and get excited about this election.

Your vote really does count.

Chuck Greenlee is a sophomore studying adolescent-to-young-adult integrated language arts at Ohio University. Are you gonna go see former president Bill Clinton this Tuesday? Let Chuck know by tweeting him @chuckingaround.

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