Thursday’s episode of Supernatural proved challenging with a new case for Sam and Dean and the tightrope walk of teen angst for Jack. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

Sam and Dean solve a case

In last week's episode, Sam and Dean helped stop a mind-controlling mayor from wreaking more havoc died Jack started to understand how to live without a soul. 

This week’s episode picks back up with Sam (Jared Padalecki) finding a case out in Iowa. Barbara Wallace (Paige Shaw) dies from an animal attack in a state park, but Sam is suspicious because several hikers have died or gone missing in the same state park. Sam works it with Dean (Jensen Ackles). The case is about a kohonta, which is a human who has been cursed into a creature that kills. The kohonta was created by Native American shamans in retaliation for the for the settlers taking Native American land as their own. 

Sam, Dean and Sheriff Mason Romero (Adam Beach) work together to kill the kohonta with a silver blade through the heart. 

Jack tries to impress his friends 

Meanwhile, Jack (Alexander Calvert) is told to stay at the bunker for groceries. He runs into Eliot (Cory Gruter-Andrew), Stacy (Zenia Marshall) and Max (Skylar Radzion), the local teens who know about Sam and Dean’s hobbies. While Jack is buying groceries, the teens invite Jack to hang out with them. Jack complies and bring over a stack of monster books of Eliot, who is knee-deep into the monster lore since finding out they exist. 

Jack sees the social interaction as a chance to prove himself and impress his new friends. He starts spouting off monster stats, showing off an angel blade and even illustrates his powers to mind-control the knife — Harry Potter style. The teens start to freak out and Jack assures them he has it under control, until he doesn’t. Stacy moves toward Jack and the blade ends up in her stomach. Just as Eliot dials 911, Jack says he can fix Stacy and uses his powers to heal her, burning off more of his soul.

After the deed is done, Jack thinks everything is okay. Sure there was a mistake, but Stacy is alive and Jack is sorry. Max and Eliot don’t feel the same way and tell Jack in strong terms to stay the hell away.

Calvert’s acting makes it easy to forget that Jack is only two, logistically speaking. He is extremely docile and easily manipulated. 

The Ghostfacers won’t leave

Max watches Ghostfacers, the pain-in-the-ass reality show duo. It’s subtle, but it’s a blast from the past. 

This wasn’t one of the show’s best

The episode wasn’t bad by any means, but it wasn’t the best. The acting felt off and forced by the supporting actors. The plot wasn’t terrible. It was original, which is hard to do after 14 seasons. 

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