Gigi Secuban, the vice president for diversity and inclusion, announced Wednesday that Ohio University will postpone relocating the LGBT Center next to the Multicultural Center after hearing students express their concerns.

The relocation of the LGBT Center was announced April 9, according to a previous Post report. 

“I want you to know that I have always had the best interest at heart for all of our students,” Secuban said in a university statement.

Students protested the merging of the Multicultural Center and LGBT Center on Wednesday.

Secuban said that a temporary office space for the LGBT Center will be found until a permanent solution is found in the fall.

At Student Senate on Wednesday, Secuban announced the plan to suspend the relocation of the center, according to a previous Post report.

“We will continue to engage students from both the Multicultural Center and the LGBT Center in this process moving forward as we develop more robust programming and invest in meeting all of their collective needs to the best of our ability,” Secuban said in a university statement.