Ohio University’s LGBT Center will relocate to an about 1,200 square foot space next to the Multicultural Center in Baker Center.

The center is currently in an about 800 square foot space on the second floor of Baker Center. The new space will renovate part of the art gallery to provide a more open space for the LGBT Center, according to a media release.

“We are actively finding ways to provide increased resources to our centers within the Division for Diversity and Inclusion to better allow for growth and expansion across the institution,” said Gigi Secuban, vice president of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in a media release.

According to the release, many factors were taken into consideration when finding somewhere to relocate the center. Some factors include being located at the core part of campus for both an active presence and welcoming space, having the opportunity to have a private entranceway and assuring that the center’s needs were met related to space allocation.   

The university will provide many additional opportunities to add art galleries across campus that embrace and celebrate diversity.

“Both centers have growing footprints, so to find a space that fits both their needs can be a challenge,” said Winsome Chunnu-Brayda, director of the Multicultural Center. “I think what works about this particular space is that in looking at the big picture, this allows both groups to own their individual identities while still being housed in a location that allows for collaborations with people different from them.”