A sophomore student was announced as the next student trustee for Ohio University on Wednesday evening at the Leadership Awards Gala.

Justin Kelley is a student studying accounting, marketing, finance and business pre-law at Ohio University, according to a previous Post report. He said he is humbled to be able to represent the student body and the community.

A student trustee represents the student body on the Board of Trustees for two academic years. The position is appointed by the governor of Ohio.

OU President Duane Nellis said the student trustee should be self-motivated and have a strong desire to serve.

Jason Pina, OU’s vice president for student affairs, said Kelley will do well in the position because he has shown great energy and passion.

Nellis said Gov. Mike DeWine had a strong pool of candidates to select from this year.

There were two graduate student finalists for student trustee and regional campus students who initially applied, Jenny Hall-Jones, dean of students, said. Hall-Jones also said more students applied for the position than in the past.

Hall-Jones said Kelley will be able to connect with graduate students and regional campus students.

Pina said it was exciting to be in a room with the finalists before they presented to DeWine because they are some of the best from OU. He said he told the group that, if they were to not get the position, they should continue to be leaders at OU.

Hall-Jones said all the student trustees she has talked with have said being in the position has changed their lives.



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