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Even four weeks after the season finale, fans are still missing the quirky characters. (Photo provided @nbcthegoodplace on Twitter)

Here are the top 3 moments from ‘The Good Place’ season 4

Four weeks after the series finale of The Good Place, audiences are still missing the crazy adventures of the quirky characters. Though season 3 arguably has the best moments of the entire series, season four has some great moments and a sound conclusion to the wild concept of the show. Here are the top three moments and episodes from season four of The Good Place, in order of which they appeared:

“The Answer” -– Eleanor is the answer (season 4, episode 9)

This episode is just brilliant all around. About to lose all hope to save the Earth, Michael (Ted Danson) snaps his fingers to wake up Chidi (William Jackson Harper) who they believe is the answer to saving humankind. The snap goes into slow motion, and the rest of the episode is a poignant look into flashbacks from Chidi’s life on Earth and in The Afterlife, where he searches for answers to the universe and who his soulmate is. 

Before Michael wipes Chidi’s memories in one of the most heartbreaking episodes of season three, he writes himself a note, which he gives to Janet (D’Arcy Carden). Once Michael finishes the snap and everyone is bombarding him with questions, he asks Janet for the note back. It reads “There is no ‘answer,’ but Eleanor is the answer.” It’s one of the most solidifying moments of the Chidi and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) ship throughout the entire show, and audiences went wild. 

“You’ve Changed, Man” -– Chidi and Eleanor say “I love you” (season 4, episode 10)

Chidi and Eleanor have been through so much throughout all the seasons, it’s only right to see the beautiful payoff that is the scene in season four episode 10. The Judge (Maya Rudolph) is furiously looking through the Janets for the remote to destroy the Earth, and the group is trying to come up with a new system for the afterlife that appeals to all parties. 

Eleanor and Chidi end up creating an idea while discussing ethics and sharing a really cute kiss. Chidi’s entire character is just a mess in this episode, completely confident and confusing for audiences to understand. His confidence radiates toward Eleanor in the beginning of the first few minutes of the episode, when he casually tells her he loves her. He, of course, finishes the statement with his classic Chidi awkwardness, saying “You and I are on our way to coolsville.” It’s extremely wholesome and relieving to the audience to see that he still loves her after all of his memories are restored.

“Whenever You’re Ready” -– everyone is saying goodbye (season 4, episode 13)

Of course one of the best moments has to be the finale of the show, where everyone says their goodbyes, finds their eternal resting place and Michael finally gets the chance to be human. The entire finale is absolutely beautiful, with sound conclusions for every character and situation. 

It’s hard to believe The Good Place is over for good, but seasons one through three are available to stream on Netflix, and though season four isn’t on Netflix yet, it is available to stream on the NBC website.


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