Athens County reported 79 new coronavirus cases between Oct. 18 and Oct. 24 as the county hit 1,273 total cases reported. 

There have been 44 people hospitalized in Athens County due to COVID-19, and two total deaths.

Over 1,000 of the cases in Athens County are from people under 30, which is about 83% of all cases. On the state level, that number is about 33%.

The number of cases reported each week has decreased for the past two weeks. 

Ohio University reported Oct. 23 that 1,027 students on the Athens campus have been tested through the COVID-19 hotline, which is for symptomatic individuals only. Of those individuals, 510 tested positive for COVID-19, and 82 tests are currently pending, according to OU’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Of Athens campus employees, 89 have been tested, six of which were positive. Five employees still have pending results.

Here is information about students living off-campus:

  • 39 are quarantined due to a possible exposure
  • 29 are isolated due to either being positive for COVID-19 or being symptomatic
  • 28 are isolated due to a positive test result.

The university has also been randomly testing students and employees for COVID-19.

There have been 3,253 tests administered, according to the COVID-19 dashboard. At a 6.9% positivity rate, 225 individuals have tested positive.