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Knight single-handley knows that motherhood is never easy, especially when you are a single mom. (Photo provided by @maiaknight12496 via Instagram).

Fraternal-twins Violet, Scout, mother Maia Knight, have stolen the hearts of millions of TikTokers

Maia Knight and her fraternal twin daughters, Violet and Scout, have stolen the hearts of 6.7 million TikTok users. Knight is a 25-year-old, single mother from New York. Violet and Scout’s biological father abandoned Knight and the twins seven weeks into her pregnancy. Instead of falling apart when finding out she was going to be a single mother to twins, Knight decided to turn to TikTok and document her day-to-day life as a single mother.

Knight’s adorable and comical vlogs show both the ups and downs of motherhood. Knight’s TikToks first went viral when she would make the twins “babas” or bottles every morning. It’s so hard not to fall in-love with Violet and Scout’s chubby cheeks and personality. Knight continues today to create funny and absolutely adorable TikToks with her babies. Here are some of Knight’s TikToks that led to her and her twins’ fame:

Good morning vlogs from Violet and Scout

Knight first rose to fame with her morning vlogs with her daughters Violet and Scout. Super-mom Knight holds her twins in her arms while she makes their bottles and talks about their plans for the day. These Tiktoks are when you get to see Violet and Scout's spunky and lovable personalities come to light. It’s near impossible not to fall in love.

Violet and Scout’s OOTD

Violet and Scout are one pair of stylish twins. Knight slays the fashion game in dressing her daughters. The two always have the most adorable matching outfits. The twins “OOTD” or “outfits of the day” make Maia’s TikToks addicting. These two smiley faces can pull off any look.

Maia keeping it real

Knight single-handedly knows that motherhood is never easy, especially when you are a single mom. She has two times the diapers to change, bottles to make, laundry to do, kisses to give. However, Knight keeps it real in her TikToks. She doesn’t want her fans to think her life is all sunshine and rainbows because it isn’t. She often discusses the exhaustion but also the excitement of being a new mom to her twins.

Maia’s love for White Claw

It’s no secret that after a long day of being a single mom, Knight likes to relax and crack open a fresh White Claw. Knight talks about her love for White Claws in a few of her TikToks. Knight even dressed her babies in adorable White Claw-themed onesies with some stylish glasses for a day out on the water.

Knight has slayed being a single mom to twins so far and continues to provide insight to her audience on her daughters' childhood. Violet and Scout continue to steal the hearts of TikTokers around the world today.  


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