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Five Timeless fall fashion trends

As fall swiftly approaches, it’s extremely important to know which fall fashion trends will be returning to wardrobes this upcoming autumn. Although everyone loves a good flared legging moment, or a Birkenstock clog, these trends are not guaranteed to stay year in and year out, but let’s take a look at the fashion staples that have held up, time and time again.

Here is your simple guide to looking fabulous this coming fall:


It doesn’t matter if you're rocking a pair of jeans or your most perfect jacket, denim will genuinely never go out of style. Whether you prefer a light wash, black, ripped, skinny, mom or even multi-colored, denim should be a staple in everyone’s fall attire. There is no better season than fall to discover all the different ways you can wear your most special denim, so why not start now? Dress them up, or dress them down, but whatever you do, wear your jeans with fashionable pride.


Flannels are arguably the most classic fall trend in anyone's ideal autumn wardrobe, and rightfully so. You can truly never go wrong with a flannel moment. The most universally accepted fall fashion trend has been and continues to be, the fan-favorite flannel. As they are a strong contender for the most diversified piece of clothing, flannels could never be boring. From being strategically tied around the waist to quickly thrown over your favorite not-so-weather-appropriate crop top, flannels will always have your back. 

Combat Boots

Year after year, the combat boot comes crashing into the fall fashion scene in an abundance of innovative and consistently show-stopping ways. The combat boot trend is chic, it is slick and it is not going anywhere. Once upon a time, Emma Chamberlain launched the combat boot back into our minds and it is sure to stay for the long run. So splurge on those Doc Martens or buy your favorite dupes off of Amazon, as long as you’re entering this fall with a pair of combat boots, you’re set for a perfect season.


Whoever said fashion is pain, could not have been more wrong when it comes to this next trend. A crewneck goes perfectly with the crisp weather that fall so famously brings to us, while being wildly comfortable. They stand out beautifully on their own or fit nicely under a cute jacket. Go vintage, show your school spirit, wear your favorite sports team (even if you know nothing about them) or represent your favorite band. Whatever the style, let’s all make sure to add a few crewnecks to our collections this fall. Nothing beats comfort, and a crewneck represents that statement in the most flawless way possible.


As a close relative to the crewneck, sweaters steal the show during the fall season every single year. If you're struggling with what to wear this fall, look no further than a simple sweater which will always speak for itself. A sweater is cozy and once again comfortable without looking too casual. No need to put much thought into what you have on the bottom so long as your favorite sweater is sitting confidently on top. Sweaters are versatile and beneficial for any and every activity from picking out the most perfect pumpkin to watching a classic spooky movie. Be sure to accessorize accordingly and throw on a chunky sweater for every occasion this fall. 

Seasonal fashion is always changing, but it will constantly be the ultimate way for people to express themselves. So while taking this list into strong consideration this coming fall, make sure that whatever you are wearing reflects the most authentic you.


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