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Here's the best study spots at Ohio University

The semester is starting to become more difficult as classes require more and more work to be done on a regular basis. Sometimes, it’s hard to make sure that you are being proficient in your study habits and setting yourself up for success. At the center of any good study schedule is understanding what works for you. 

Consider how the right environment, noise level and amount of distraction can affect your study session needs. The result is finding something that accurately works for your schedule and allows you to get the right amount of studying done. Figuring this out is important because it will allow you to dedicate yourself to getting work done in a way that is unique to you.

When you want to study with friends:

Sometimes all you really need to get things done is to have moral support. Thinking about doing work can be extremely daunting and can seem unachievable, especially if you have a lot to get done. If your brain needs you to be around people to be productive, these spaces are great for you. 

Donkey Coffee and Espresso

Realistically, any coffee shop can be inserted here, but who doesn’t love Donkey? As a plus, they play some of the best study music and have an environment that can be enjoyed by anyone. This is the best coffee shop to go to if you want to enjoy your time and talk. If you’re with friends, this is an environment that allows you to be free and not restrict yourself to silence. 

Front Room Coffeehouse 

Another great coffee shop to add to the list is Front Room coffeehouse. This is a coffee shop that allows you to have conversation while still contributing to an environment that will promote studying and getting work done. Plus, it's coffee you can buy with your student I.D. using flex cash or Bobcat Cash. 

When you need silence:

Often, the one thing you need when you study is something that’s so rare on a college campus: silence. Silence can be so hard to come by, but when you find it, it’s rewarding and can be a lifesaver when you’re studying. If you’re a person that needs silence, go check these places out. 

Alden Library

This is obvious, but a crucial addition because the library is a place that is often overlooked. People don’t utilize the building and all of its floors. So many spaces within the building promote a silent study environment and it’s a very comfortable space to sit down and get work done. Within Alden, there are also study spaces you can reserve that can promote a more quiet environment. 

Outside Baker University Center

Everyone knows Baker University Center is used for the purpose of getting from one side of campus to the next without having to climb a hill, but it’s also an incredible study spot if you’re able to sit outside. You can hear the peaceful noise of the campus surrounded by nature. If you want to experience serenity when you study, you should look into studying outside Baker. 

When you want a peaceful atmosphere:

Another thing that can contribute to your success as a student, especially when you study, is being surrounded by things that put you at peace. Most of the time, this means surrounding yourself with nature. The outdoors provide so much beauty and peace, something that makes studying successful most of the time. 

College Green

We’ve all rushed through College Green on our way to class, but if you look around, there is immense beauty that surrounds College Green. Huge trees, falling leaves and chirping birds and squirrels contribute to a peaceful environment perfect for sitting on a blanket or bench, doing work. 

Emiriti Park

This is a very underrated part of campus and one that should be far more popular for not only hammocking, but studying. Emiriti has all the beauty of College Green, but you also can listen to flowing water as you study. This is another beautiful location on campus that’s perfect for studying and getting work done. 


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