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Nelsonville city auditor, Taylor Sappington addresses the students during Democratic candidate Tim Ryan’s campaign at the Walter Hall, Ohio University on Tuesday, Sept. 20,2022.

OU College Democrats host voter registration event

Ohio University College Democrats announced Tuesday afternoon that Democrat Senate Candidate Tim Ryan was joining them for a rally in Walter Hall at 3 p.m. to celebrate National Voter Registration Day. 

Soon before the event, OU College Democrats announced via an Instagram story that Ryan was unable to attend the rally. Instead, Democrat Candidate for State Auditor Taylor Sappington would speak on his behalf. 

Sappington is the current city auditor for Nelsonville and is running on the fact that he will be the first openly gay statewide candidate in Ohio's history.

After Sappington's short introduction, he began speaking about things Ryan's campaign is working on.

"Tim Ryan was a key vote for the infrastructure bill," said Sappington. "He was a key vote for the American rescue plan which is putting money not just in all our hands personally… Mr. Ryan also will be a strong staunch unstoppable advocate for choice and women's rights, reproductive freedom in this country."

He moved into why his race was important to Ohio voters. One of his main points against current Ohio Auditor of State Kieth Faber is that he sits on the redistricting committee to create new districting maps that were ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court multiple times.

Sappington then asked for questions. He was asked if he knew of any Tim Ryan ads in Appalachia. Sappington personally did not, but he turned to an anecdotal example from Paulding County in Northwest Ohio.

"One of the ladies at the stop was talking about how every time she plays solitaire on her phone she gets Tim Ryan ads on her phone," Sappington said. "She said every single time there's every individual every time she wins the game and the ads come up, so I do know he's at least running digital."


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