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Siblings bond, bicker during Sibs Weekend 2023

Sibs Weekend 2023 was one for everyone to remember. The smell of family reunion was in the air and Athens welcomed siblings from everywhere to get a taste of how Ohio University likes to do it on the weekend. 

Activities were provided all over campus and Court Street for Sibs Weekend this year. From the movie "Step Brothers" at the Athena to the Bobcat victory at the "Battle of the Bricks" basketball game against Miami, there were plenty of opportunities for sibling bonding and perhaps even some sibling bickering this weekend. 

Joleigh Robinson, a freshman studying applied nutrition, invited her twin brother and older sister to Athens for the weekend. She said she was looking forward to spending time together and becoming closer with her siblings.

"We've never really been close," she said. "But we always like nagging each other, sibling stuff."

As a freshman, Robinson also said she was excited to show her siblings her new life at OU and how she goes about her day. She also mentioned the importance of family bonding opportunities like this.

"We all like to explore and see new places and stuff," Robinson said. "I'm going to take them around campus and show them around. Just spend time together."

Family bonding is extremely important to many students, especially when a family can sometimes be so far away while at college. Making the most out of any time with each other and making memories where possible can be the most fun with a built-in best friend. 

Many out-of-town siblings loved what OU had to offer in terms of fun and nightlife. Mary McCrone, a freshman studying sports management at Cleveland State, said she was thinking of coming to OU next year and enjoyed her time uptown during the weekend.

However, where there is bonding with family, bickering and annoyance can be just around the corner. McCrone made it clear although she loves her brother, he knows how to push her buttons. 

"Sometimes just when he talks," she said. "I love him, but when he talks like, 'Can you not talk?'"

Whether they are arguing over the front seat in the car, stealing each other's clothing or fighting to make sure no one tells mom, sibling bickering is just a side effect of being related. Despite how common it is or how insignificant the argument is, it can still bring siblings closer together. 

Natalie Rosebrock, a freshman studying strategic leadership and management in business, said she was very excited to hang out with her two siblings over the weekend. She said that they normally do not have a lot of time to spend together and that this weekend would be the perfect opportunity. 

"I want to remember this weekend, have a good time," Rosebrock said. 

As the weekend comes to a close, it is safe to say that many siblings will be back in Athens at the same time next year. Even as they depart back home, families have grown closer together.

"I love hanging out with them," said Robinson. "I feel like it's really good to connect with your family every once in a while, even if you don't live together and see each other very often."


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