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8 songs for those that are single this Valentine’s Day

According to CNN, nearly half of all American adults spend Valentine's Day single. However, it's easy to feel alone in that. Fortunately, there's a variety of songs for all the single people out there, ranging from those who are feeling confident, depressed, confused or are freshly single.

"Flowers" - Miley Cyrus

Taking the world by storm is Miley Cyrus's new song, "Flowers." It's a triumphant middle finger to her ex, proving the singer's independence and healing. She only needs herself, and those in a similar situation can find a confident relatability in that mindset.

"Good as Hell" - Lizzo

Keeping the theme of confidence going is "Good as Hell." Lizzo has never shied away from a confident, self-love song, and this is no exception. Spunky and bright, the song reiterates the notion that the only person you need to love that much is yourself. 

"Monday" - Corella

"Monday" is complicated. The song's narrator misses their ex but realizes he doesn't need them, a feeling that many newly single people in the healing phase of a breakup can heavily relate to. 

"So What" - P!nk

This one's a late 2000s classic. Brash and bold, "So What" captures a fierce independence that surfaces after the end of a bad relationship. The narrator doesn't need anyone, and they're happy like that. 

“Superstar Sh*t” - Dominic Fike

Everything has ups and downs, and being single is not an exception. Dominic Fike knows the feeling and explains it in "Superstar Sh*t." On the one hand, he "forgot how good it feels to be alone," but on the other hand, he "forgot how hard it was to sleep alone." It's exhilarating not to be tied down to a person, but it can also be lonely. 

"Fuzzybrain" - Dayglow

There's a strange peace in the aftermath of a breakup, almost like the calm after a storm. Dayglow captures that feeling in "Fuzzybrain," which picks apart the strange feelings of being single after a tumultuous relationship, ultimately deciding in the end that he needs to work on himself or clean out "the fuzz in my brain." 

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper

This one's a real throwback, but it has had staying power for four decades. Lauper embraces the 'play by your own rules' lifestyle, using that mentality to create a pop tune that still carries that same energy to this day. 

"No Scrubs" - TLC

Frankly, sometimes you're single because no one's catching your eye or living up to your expectations, and there's nothing wrong with that. Some people just are not worth your time. TLC knows that feeling and explained it back in the '90s with their spunky track, "No Scrubs."


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